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Adorable Find :: The Positively Organic Summer Collection Is Knocking My Socks + 40% Off

This summer collection of baby + toddler clothes by Positively Organic is making me a bit envious. I am imagining my 4-year-old running around in the summer sun with these adorable polos on and I like it. They truly are adorable!

And then these tiny little infant gowns caught my eye and it's making me rethink the whole "Two-is-enough!" mantra I've been sticking to. I have a friend who is about to give birth any second to a boy or a girl (we don't know yet!) and I'm thinking these would be perfect for her. Oh how I miss holding a tiny little peanut in an infant gown.

I feel like these "Knot Back" sundresses are right out of my own brain. So sweet. So simple. So perfect for romping around at the beach or at the park. My (borderline OCD about her wardrobe) 2-year-old would insist on these dresses if they were in her closet. And I would agree.
Psst...Positively Organic is having a 40% off of EVERYTHING sale for the next 3 days. So if you feel the same way I do about these clothes, you'd best hurry on over to their website pronto! Just enter promo code Summertime40-PO at checkout for the discount. You're welcome.  --E

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