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Review :: Lavera's MyAge Eye Cream + Lifting Serum

I think it was last year that my sister said to me "I don't use eye cream, I'm not old enough for that yet".  I'm pretty sure this is what most women think.  I'm not going to use it until I have wrinkles.  I'm sure you've heard that it is easier to prevent than undo, and of course the same goes for wrinkles   Most of us don't start paying attention until the wrinkles have already shown up.

Most eye cream claims are hype with no result.  Not this one.  Lavera's MyAge Eye Cream is my new favorite eye cream because I actually saw results within just a few days of use.  The delicate skin around and under my eyes is noticeable more supple and smooth.  I like the plastic tube it comes in that makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product without having to dip my fingers in the stuff.  I only need the smallest bit of product for each eye and it is really easy to apply.  An eye cream should not be so thick that it pulls your skin when you apply it.  This doesn't.  It soaks in nicely and I use it before applying makeup in the morning and at night after my shower before bed. 

I highly recommend this product and you cannot beat the price of $39 especially since it will last you for at least 3 months. 

The Lavera MyAge Lifting Serum is a great product with a light gel consistency, floral aroma and brown color that turns to clear upon application.  I'm suspicious enough, but add anti-aging claims and I'm downright cynical.  This experience was different and beyond hype, I actually saw results.  As soon as I applied this I immediately noticed something was happening; a tightening, smoothing something was happening. My pores appeared smaller and my skin was noticably more soft and smooth.  It creates this beautiful base under makeup too.  Though I'm a fan of serums coming in a glass bottle, the plastic dropper bottle this comes in means it's extremely lightweight and added no unnecessary weight to my suitcase during my travels this month.  Because of it's .85 fl oz size this can be slipped into your carry-on with no issues at security.  This will last about one month and retails for $45. 

Both of these products are Certified Vegan and Certified Natural and/or Organic by NaTrue.  I haven't tried many Lavera products but my next one to try will be this $20 Lavera foundation that is said to rivel Chanel. 


Disclosure: Naya Shoes sent me these shoes for the purpose of an honest and candid review though in no way did it alter my opinion of the products. If you click on the links in this post and make a purchase, we will receive a commission. 

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