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NuboNau :: An Urban Escape and Natural+Organic Beauty Boutique in Encinitas, CA

There's something about Southern California that is unlike any other place in this world. It's what most people think of when they think of California; white sand beaches, surfers, palm trees, great food, perfectly tanned skin and sunshine almost year-round. Since Stancie moved from Orange County 5 years ago, I haven't really had a reason to drive south so much anymore. Last week was an exception, when my husband and I decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary in San Diego.

While planning our trip, I received an invitation to come experience an up-and-coming natural beauty boutique called NuboNau (new-bo-now), in Encinitas, CA. I had purchased items at their online store recently, and was excited to find out that their physical location was going to be nearby where we were staying. Although the boutique had just recently moved to a new location and hadn't yet started offering their spa treatments to the public yet, I was offered a 75-minute ILA Spa Facial and make-up consultation by their beauty experts...and I (happily) obliged.

As I walked up to the storefront on a perfectly sunny morning, I immediately realized that this was a natural beauty boutique that was doing something different. From the modern and clean displays to the graphics that they used in their signage--they were setting themselves apart. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with several smiling faces and a warm welcome within a beautifully designed space. This was not a pretentious, high-end store that only catered to a certain class. These were genuine people who believed in the products they were selling and it showed. The name NuboNau means "Cloud Nine", which describes the experience they hope to give every customer who enters the boutique. From the exceptional service to the peaceful music playing in the background and the best of the best products from all over the world--this is a shopping experience that you will not soon forget.

 After I was welcomed into the store and had a quick look around, I was directed to a sleek, white chair where I was given a little questionnaire to fill out before my facial. It was obvious that the staff was focused on providing a unique and enjoyable experience for each one of their guests, so they have custom tailored their treatments based on individual needs and preferences. Tanya, my talented and incredibly sweet esthetician, went through my answers before she took me in to The Urban Escape (the name for their spa room.) Inside, there were candles lit and soft music playing. For the next hour-and-fifteen-minutes I would forget about everything else.

NuboNau describes the ILA Spa Facial as, "A pure, holistic facial experience using light lymphatic drainage and marma massage to give you a radiant glow.  Inspired by the technique taught by Sharman women in Mexico, this is a healing treatment that brings feelings of bliss and peace." And boy, was I feeling blissful and peaceful.

The ILA products smelled fantastic and felt wonderful on my face. There were no harsh peels or extractions, like I have experienced in other facials. Just gentle (but hard-working) exfoliating cleansers, clay masks, hydrolat toners, and moisturizing oils. Tanya included several different types of massage into my treatment, to aid in relaxation as well as stimulating the flow of energy to the face to reveal more radiant skin. Unlike traditional facials, the ILA Spa Facial creates a more beautiful complexion from the inside out. I was beyond relaxed when I left the treatment room. I probably could have taken a 3 hour nap right there on the table, but there was so much more to see and my waiting husband probably wouldn't have appreciated it.

Next, I would receive a makeup consultation that included brands like Dr. Hauschka, RMS Beauty, Nvey Eco and La Bella Donna makeup. When I was done with my mini-makeover, I looked like a slightly more made-up version of my normal self, but not clown-like at all. Yes, that was a relief and if you're like me, you understand the apprehension of having someone else choose and apply your makeup. I was pleasantly surprised by my made-up, glowing face, which would be perfect for our anniversary dinner that night. Then, I was on to explore the rest of the store.

It's not every day that I get to actually visit a brick-and-mortar store that carries many of the beauty products that I love. So when I had a chance to look around after my facial, I was like a kid in a candy store. Moving around from the men's section to the kid's section to the makeup to the home fragrance (and more), there was so much to see, touch and smell...I could have been there all day. Alas, my husband had been enjoying the sights and sounds of Encintas for almost 4 hours already (yes, you read that right) and my time was up. I just wish I lived closer so that I could frequent this gem of a store in the wonderful town of Encinitas, CA . Well, it looks like I have another reason to drive south more often now!

For those of you who don't live close enough to the boutique to enjoy the in-store experience or The Urban Escape Spa Services at NuboNau in Encinitas, don't be dismayed! The online experience is created to emulate the in-store experience with signature packaging, samples and even a misting of a special fragrance inside of every package. NuboNau offers a great loyalty program called Cloud Nine Club where you receive 5 Points for every $1 you spend, which you can spend on ANY product in their store. You can also get $10 worth of Points when referring friends! And with every first order you get Complimentary Shipping + 2000 Welcome Points (that’s worth $20) when the order is over $25.

Basically, it means that right after your first order, you can already treat yourself and buy something with points! Sweet.

Online Boutique:

Encinitas Boutique and The Urban Escape:  553 S. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 632-4800

Disclaimer:  NuboNau invited us to experience The Urban Escape and the boutique for the purpose of an honest and candid review.  I don't write about every experience or product I am offered--only the ones that stand out. To read more about our review criteria, click here.

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