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New Fave :: Alima Pure Organic Tinted Lip Balm

Sometimes I try a new product and I like it. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I get downright obsessed. Alima's new organic tinted lip balm has had that affect on me. I've only tried one color and I think it's pretty genius. Acai is a color that looks good on everyone, and is by far the best color I've tried on myself. I don't like dark color on my lips, but I usually feel like I need something on them to feel like I look fresh and alive. Acai has been my perfect solution. The color is subtle and adds just the right amount of shimmer to look fresh. A great look for summer and a fashionable way to give your lips some moisture after days spent in the sun, without a super shiny gloss. I love the slight peppermint scent and the tingle it gives my lips when applied. I never leave home without my little white tube now. Thank you Alima, for once again creating a brilliant beauty product!

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Disclosure: Though Alima Pure sent us some early versions of their new lip balm, they didn't send Acai - I bought it. 

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