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Green On A Budget :: Aura Cacia Launches 5 Brand New USDA Certified Organic Face + Body Oils All Under $16

"But organic is so expensive!" - we hear all the time.  Well, if you're ideals don't match what's in your wallet you'll want to pay attention to this.  Aura Cacia, a brand whose products have been around since '82 and one you've likely seen in your local health food store in the body care or essential oil aisle, just added five more products to their lineup.  Just today they introduced five new USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Oils:

“We’re excited to bring such exquisite oils to the marketplace, sourced with integrity and quality from farmers committed to sustainable and ethical agricultural practices,” 
-Jane Merten, Aura Cacia’s Senior Brand Manager.

Find: Aura Cacia USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Oils

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