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Fresh Find :: Mattylou's Natural + Organic Personal Care Online Retail Shop For Men

We write a lot about women's products here but that doesn't mean we don't care about the guys.  In fact, we love our guys, a lot.  We are lucky enough to both have great ones.  I stumbled upon this new retail shop dedicated to all things men and quite honestly, I know of no other shop like it.  Following super stringent standards about what they will and won't carry, Mattylou's (formerly Nature's Toiletries) was born out of a promise a husband made to his wife.  During Matt Lyles' wife's fight with breast cancer a recurring theme kept coming up for her during her quest for answers - personal care products and how they can impact our health.  Matt's wife lost her battle with cancer but he continues down the path she started for answers and now provides a place where men can find skin and body care products that are without the junk that most conventional products are filled with.  You can read more about the Mattylou story here.   

Matt and I had a really great chat a couple months ago and he is a very cool guy.  We bonded a bit over our California connection and the hobbies and interests he shares with my husband - volleyball (Matt is a former pro volleyball player), surfing, snowboarding, etc., etc.  You know I have my favorite retail shops when it comes to where to find beauty products for women, but do check out his site for all things men-related because he's got a great group of brands like Dr. Bronner's, Leap Organics, Alteya Organic Tattoo Care, Soleo Organics sunscreen, Trillium Organics, Weleda and more. And I'm especially interested in their Natural Insect Repellant category right now since the mosquitoes are eating both my husband and me alive.  


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