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Review :: Spiezia 100% Organic Soil Association Certified Facial Cleanser For All Skin Types

This brand is right up my alley.  With Soil Association organic certifications for each of their products across the entire range, absolutely no synthetic chemicals to be found in any of their products, 100% organic ingredients and a description like "Original, Ethical, Honest", how could I not be excited to get my hands on them?!

Spiezia Organics (pronouced spee-ett-zee-ah) has been on my radar since 2007, since before they updated their packaging, since before they listed their ingredients on their website, since before they made their way to America.  I contacted Spiezia in '08 to ask them to email me their ingredient lists for all their products, which they promptly did the very next day.  I had been reading great things about them from the other side of the pond and continued to watch them win beauty awards, but there was a little stumbling block.  They weren't anywhere in the U.S. so I mentally bookmarked them.

Rated one of UK's The Times 'Best Facial Product' for 2 years in a row
Fast forward to last month when one of their new U.S. retailers contacted us about giving some of their products a whirl.  I was excited to find Spiezia Organics amongst their brands so I selected to try the award-winning Spiezia Organics Facial Cleanser.  I've been using it for the past two weeks and my skin is a happy camper.  This is a different type of cleanser than you are likely used to as it's a balm, but this was music to my ears because I feel like I'm increasingly losing moisture in my facial skin.

I've been using for 2 weeks and there is more than 3/4 left
I was a little concerned about if a balm cleanser might break me out but my fears were quickly alleviated once I used it.  It is great for my skin and I didn't experience a single breakout, only soft smooth skin.  And true to the claim, it does indeed smell like sunshine in a jar.  As instructed, I only use a pea-size amount and it is enough to wash my entire face and neck.  I remove it with an organic cotton muslin cloth since water alone won't remove the balm.  You need to use a cloth to remove it which also provides exfoliation action as well.  And you know what else is cool?  Do you remember my post about organic makeup remover?  Yeah, forgetaboutit.  This cleanser removes all makeup including eye makeup.  Mascara and eyeliner too?  Yep, gone.  And another thing: I haven't been washing my face in the morning.  I just wash my face at night with this, use a warm damp cloth in the morning and then apply moisturizer. And you know what?  It's perfectly fine and hey, it's cost effective too.  Sidenote: Please don't tell me your one of those peeps who doesn't wash off the grime, sweat and makeup off your face each night.  Please don't.  You do.  I know you do.  Cause that's gross to let all that sit on your skin all night.

"It has decongesting, moisturizing and soothing properties, dissolves waterproof mascara and melts away impurities."

This is meant for all skin types and I look forward to the ritual of massaging this into my skin every evening.  It melts on contact and I love the results!  Now I can't wait to try some of the other products from Spiezia Organics.  Have you??

Ingredients (organic): Coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, sesame seed oil, extra virgin olive fruit oil, beeswax, wheat germ oil, chamomile flower extract, german chamomile flower extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, clove oil, grapefruit seed oil, roman chamomile flower oil, clary sage flower oil, linalool, citral, citonellol.

Find: (US) or (UK)

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