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Interview :: Checking In With Tata Harper One Year After Her Natural Skin Care Launch

Since we're approaching both Mother's Day and one year since we first interviewed Tata Harper, we thought it would be fun to incorporate the two and interview Tata again.  As a busy mother of two little ones, wife and owner of the Tata Harper natural beauty brand, she knows a thing or two about balancing work and personal life and we were curious to know how she does it all.  She also dishes about makeup she's loving right now, tells us about her two new products and a couple that are in the works.  We've been fans of the line since we used the very first TH product that touched our skin and for that reason we named Tata Harper "Best Luxury Line" in our Best In Natural Beauty Awards.

10 Questions We Asked Tata Harper:

FS: It seems your brand has really taken off in the last year. Did you imagine the response would be so great?

TH: Yes, this year has been really amazing. I can't tell you how happy I am and how grateful I feel to have had such an incredible year in terms of the media and people's attention towards the brand. I have always remained confidant throughout the process as I am so proud of the work and the final outcome of our introductory 14 SKU Tata Harper line. The scientists and chemists who I worked with are truly visionaries who helped make my dream possible. Hard work and luck has a lot to do with it but the line is truly fantastic. We use the the finest natural active ingredients from around the world for true skincare performance, health and vitality. The proof is in the products. I am also so grateful for my team in the states who never failed with their persistence of bringing the line to where it is now in terms of visibility. That doesn't happen on its own. Everyone worked so hard and I am so proud of my team.

FS: Whenever I see photos of you, you are always radiating - what do you attribute that to other than using your own products?

TH: Thank you so much. As hard as I work, I always maintain balance in my life. I know that it is easier said than done, but it is so true. It is vital that taking care of you and your health remains top priority. My days are long but I always make sure I get the right quality sleep. I do this by taking a bath with my babies almost every night. We soak in the bath with epsom salts, essential oils, relax and laugh. It's my favorite time of the day. I have recently began meditating which has really helped turn off my overactive mind and I recommend it to everyone. You can always find some quiet minutes alone throughout the day. They may be few and far between but that doesn't matter. Utilize them. I even learned a technique that works during the day, when I am around people. I also eat well of course. I juice every morning and I eat the produce from my farm as well as the delicious foods from my neighbors and friends nearby.

FS: How do you balance running Tata Harper with being a wife and mama of two little ones?

TH: Again, it's all about balance. It is so important. I am with them first thing in the morning, they wake me up and we play in bed. Then we have breakfast together. When Hunter goes to school, I head to the office and have back to back meetings. My days vary of course, that's what happens when you run a company but I try and keep some consistency in our lives. I try and eat as many meals together, bathe with them and put them to bed at night. After they sleep, I get hours worth of more work done. I am also fortunate that my company allows me the flexibility of being able to bring my babies with me when I travel sometimes. I know this is not the case for the majority but it is certainly a blessing and I hope by doing that more women will be able to follow and it becomes more normal in America.

FS: What are your three favorite makeup products?

TH: My three favorite products at the moment are Kjaer Weiss crème blush, I love the packaging so beautiful and chic. W3ll People – Lip, I don’t normally wear lip color but this is so hydrating and just gives you the slightest amount of that perfect berry stain and Vive Sana (sunscreen) is amazing. It doesn’t leave a white residue and actually makes a great face primer.

FS: Can you tell me about your two new products - Refreshing Cleanser & Repairative Moisturizer? Why you created them and how they are different from your other cleanser and moisturizer?

TH: These two new products are great because really they are just line extensions of two of our most popular products. We created them for our clients with specific needs. The Refreshing Cleanser is the same formulation without the exfoliating agent for our clients with super sensitive skin. It helps conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Another benefit is that it is an excellent makeup remover so we are introducing the Refreshing Cleanser to our Tata Harper facial protocol to clean skin first eye makeup and all. With some steam - it is heaven! This winter was so brutal so to meet the needs of our super dry and dehydrated clients we introduced our new Repairative Moisturizer. It has added olosomes, cocoa and more jojoba which gives the moisturizer a silkier and dewier finish. This product is for our clients with super dehydrated and dry skin and prefer dewy to matte finish.

FS: Last we spoke you were working on a sunscreen and teen line? Do you have a time frame in mind as to when you'll launch these products?

TH: Yes, we are currently working on both of these, but we have 6 new products that are fantastic and that will be launched first. Around the Fall. I can't give too much information but lets just say, stay tuned as it is going to get really exciting!

FS: What's your eco sin?

TH: Plastic bottles. I hate them and I try to avoid them entirely. Sometimes it's so hard especially when I am in NYC, LA or Miami when everything is just so fast and you are on the go. I just got however, the most ridiculously cute water bottle from ALEX in both sizes; one for the purse and a bigger one they is made with 100% BPA-free premium grade stainless steel and a strap from 100% recycled water bottles. So hopefully when you ask me again it will not be that!!

FS: I am a big fan of your Irritability Treatment – did you work with an aroma therapist to create this blend or did you create it yourself?

TH: Yes, one of the chemists on my line is a clinical grade aroma therapist. He actually treats people in his practice for different mood disorders. The Irritability Treatment was created by a few chemists and is not skincare, however it is an introduction to our Wellness line. The fashion industry has even coined it “The Tata Harper Huff” which I think is so great and makes me laugh! They really work and are so amazing. They are delicious to use so they double as a fragrance. I use them all the time as you can’t over due it.

FS: Do you grow food on your farm for eating as well as for your products?

TH: We grow all of our own produce on the farm. Broccoli, peas, squash, tomatoes, kale, you name it. For the products we have, the current ones and are harvesting many new ones as well. It is so exciting. St johns wort, calendula, meadowsweet, rosemary, lemon balm. We also have our own grass-fed meat on the farm called Julius Kingdom, by Hunter Harper named after my son. I am also fortunate enough to know SO many of the local farmers here. I get the most deliciously fresh cheeses and jams.

FS: What will you be doing on Mothers Day?

TH: I am so excited, I will be returning from a business trip from California the night before and on Sunday I plan on staying in my PJs for a long time having breakfast with them. Hunter will show me what he learned in school for the week and we will play with the crafts in the house. I imagine Henry will organize an afternoon hike with everyone since the weather in Vermont is becoming so beautiful, dinner, bath time and then all into bed. Perfect!

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