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Review :: Tata Harper Strengthening Body Lotion

It seems like yesterday I interviewed Tata Harper. This time last year I was exclusively using and loving her entire skin care line which was an entirely pampering, spa-like experience.  When I learned of the brand from Jessa Blades who had attended a TH house party, I immediately crawled over their site and the internet learning as much as I could and searching for everything I could find about it.  At that time there wasn't much info out there and only a few reviews online so I couldn't wait to speak with Tata myself about her new brand and get the scoop straight from the woman behind the brand.

Fast forward nine months and I received the Tata Harper Strengthening Body Lotion to put to the test.  Like other Tata Harper products this lotion smells wonderful with rose geranium as the dominant scent. The consistency is just right courtesy of an exquisite concoction of botanical butters and oils. Mango seed butter, rosehip seed oil, apricot kernel oil and borage flower oil are just a handful of the ingredients in this that are immensely beneficial to the skin and have amazing hydrating and healing properties.

I really like the glass bottle - essential for me when it comes to truly luxurious beauty products. I like to use this when I'm not wearing perfume because it's already scented so you don't need another scent on top of it.  Eighty five bucks for a bottle of lotion is steep which is why I don't use it as an everyday lotion, but more for special occasions.  I've been using it intermittantly for 5 months and there is just a little less than half of product left. This is a luxury item, something you'll buy if you have the money and want to pamper yourself or someone you love.  From the office, to business to pleasure travel, to my nightstand - this is always close to me.  It is a fabulous all-over body lotion, but I mostly use it on my hands and arms.  This smooths my skin in a flash and I've caught myself sniffing my arms just to get a whiff of it's lovely aroma throughout the day. 

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Watch: I could watch this VOGUE Italia video featuring Tata Harper over and over and over...

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