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Review :: Skin & Bones Luxurious Face & Body Liquid Cleanser

I have a picky nose.  That's no secret. I'm hot or I'm cold.  When I love an aroma I really love it and when I hate an aroma I really hate it.

I really love the aroma of one of my favorite serums, Skin & Bones Skin Therapy.  In fact, the smell of this oil is one of the reasons I love it so much because it's base of organic jojoba oil is really simple, albeit effective.  {I also really dig their packaging}.  So, of course I was excited to put their new Liquid Face + Body Cleanser to the test!

This new Cleanser produces a good amount of lather and smells great too, much like the serum.  It's not a typical herbal or floral aroma, more like a perfumed wash, though only with their proprietary essential oil blend; an entirely feminine product in my opinion.  If you've used the serum, you know what I mean about the intoxicating aroma.   The small black jojoba wax beads facilitate gentle exfoliation which is a nice addition.  Although it's called a Face and Body Cleanser, I'm only recommending it for the body since it made my dry-skinned face feel a bit tight and dry after washing. Perhaps it would fair well on the face of an  oily-skinned person, though I have reservations about recommending a drying cleanser to an oily-skinned person because I believe it's just going to cause their skin to produce more oil.  It is however a very lovely body wash, one that I look forward to using and it doesn't make me feel dry in the least after I use it.  It feels like a completely pampering bath or shower experience and no luxurious cleanser would be complete without glass packaging, which I love.  If you try it, let me know what you think!

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Price: $40


Disclosure: Skin & Bones sent us the product mentioned in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review. We were in no way compensated or nudged to write this review other than getting to keep the product sent.  We don't write about everything we receive from review, only products we would recommend to our family and friends. We have stringent review criteria, to learn more click here.

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