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Review :: Misae Natural Eau De Parfum by Tallulah Jane

April showers bring May flowers, April showers bring May flowers, April showers bring May flowers.........

I've been repeating this over and over to myself this week as the rain just keep pouring down on us.  I'm over it.  But the thought of flowers popping up and seeing color again in the landscape is downright thrilling to those of us who haven't seen the likes of such things since I don't know...last Fall.  I'm not really a floral-wearing or smelling kinda girl but right now I'm totally digging this natural perfume from Tallulah Jane because it's so very Spring and I need some Spring in my life right now even if there's no evidence of it in my surroundings.  Believe the description "redolent of an April stroll in the gardens...", except in my neck of the woods we're going to scratch that whole "April" thing and insert a big fat "May" because my April smells more like wet dogs, damp basement and mud than flowers.  But I digress.  This is why I'm craving beautiful floral scents at the moment. 

Now I'm very well aware that perfume is a completely personal opinion and what one woman loves another may hate so I strongly suggest you try it out first before splurging on the full size.  I happen to like this because it's Spring in a bottle.  It's an explosion of florals and citrus with a touch of woodsiness housed in a base of organic grape alcohol.  And it's all-natural which is a must for me.  Tallulah Jane perfumes are blended by hand in New York City in small batches and seem to last longer on my skin than other natural types, which is a good thing.  I also really love another of Tallulah Jane's perfumes and wrote about it here

Do you have a favorite natural perfume?

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