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Review :: HGO LAB Skin Care From H. Gillerman Organics

Last summer I shared with you that the brand that makes my favorite essential oil blends, H. Gillerman Organics, was going to launch their very own skin care line.  Well they've officially launched and I've been using the entire line for the past few weeks with great results.  Hope Gillerman obviously knows what she's doing and does so with careful consideration.  Here's my experience with her products:

Grapefruit Face Wash $24:  In the winter, I'm all about the cream cleansers, but at the hint of warmth I really prefer a cleanser that foams.  The problem is that many foaming cleansers make my skin feel dry, like I'm being striped of my natural moisture.  Not this!  I just need one pump for my entire face and neck so there is a significant amount of product left in the bottle (the liquid is only 1 inch away from the top). I'm sure this will last me over a month, likely more.  The only issue I had with this is my bottle was faulty from the get-go.  The foamer pump top wouldn't bounce back up after pressing it down so I have to manually pull it back up every time.  I'm sure I just got a bad bottle.  Otherwise, this is a really fabulous facial cleanser that you should try if you like suds and clear skin.  The aroma is very mild, slightly citrusy.  It comes with an unbleached cotton mitt to use to exfoliate facial skin in lieu of harsh scrubbing that can damage skin.

Update: Hope Gillerman indicates they will indeed be switching to sealed labels. 

Ingredients: organic apple essence, purified water, organic soy oil, organic coconut oil, organic saccharomyces ferment, organic olive oil, organic aloe leaf juice, organic grapefruit essential oil.

Neroli Face Oil $26: I'm not a huge fan of the smell of neroli though I don't hate it either.  I just don't like a strong, dominating neroli scent.  This is not like that.  Sure I can smell the neroli but it doesn't knock my socks off.  My skin just loves this oil.  I use 2-3 drops in the morning and 3-4 drops at night, applied to damp skin after washing, and I've only used 1/3 of the bottle thus far.  This is for all skin types. My skin feels great and soft and looks clear and healthy.

Ingredients: organic neroli, petitgrain, rose otto, helichrysum and carrot seed essential oils; jojoba oil, avocado oil, meadow foam seed, rosehip seed and evening primrose oils; non-GMO vitamin E.

Flowers Face Balm $21: I use this at night when I want a little more moisture to sink in while I rest.  I only use just a very small amount and apply to my most dry areas which are my cheeks at the moment, and then to my decollete to hopefully ward off turkey neck skin in the future. It has a nice, pleasant mild aroma.  Ideal for dry skin suffers. Sinks into skin very well.  This comes in a small glass amber jar.  After 3 weeks of use, I've barely scratched the surface of the product.

All three balms are very similar in nature in terms of ingredients and texture, so if you're tight on cash - out of the three, I'd opt for this one and use on both your lips and face. 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic jojoba, non-GMO vitamin E; organic helichrysum, organic rose absolute, organic rosewood, jasmine absolute, organic ylang ylang essential oils.

Hope’s true motivation in producing skin care was her own ongoing skin problems, which led her to seek the advice of an esteemed Chinese herbologist who confirmed what she had suspected – that organic and wild crafted flower oils can help treat and regenerate skin.  After solving her own skin issues, Hope went on to test her skin care formulations on her willing clientele, who had results that were as dramatic as hers. The result is new HGO LAB Organic Skin Care – a simple line of organic skin care based on the healing powers of essential oils.

Hand & Body Balm $36: This intoxicating balm can be used just about anywhere.  It's a great product for dry skin whether it be elbows, knees or hands.  It has a very pleasing-to-the-senses, feminine aroma (ylang ylang really stands out to me, a scent I adore) and contains skin healing ingredients. This comes in a clear fogged glass jar.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic jojoba, non-GMO vitamin E, organic helichrysum, rose absolute, organic rosewood, jasmine absolute, organic lavender, ylang ylang, cistus essential oil.

Flowers Lip Balm $17: I've mentioned it several times before, but in case you weren't aware - I can't handle greasy, oily, really slippery lip balms.  This is the opposite and it's wonderful.  It shares a similar consistency as the Flowers Face Balm and Hand & Body Balm so I use them on my lips interchangeably.  My lips are hydrated and happy.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic shea butter, non-GMO vitamin E, organic rosewood, organic ylang ylang, jasmine absolute, organic helichrysum essential oil, rose absolute.

What I truly love about using this line is the simplicity.  None of this complicated business - I use only two products for my face in the morning (cleanser + oil) and occasionally three at night (sometimes still just two if I don't feel very dry).  That's it.  And of course I love that the ingredients are as clean as they get.  I was also amazed by the results.  One little improvement I wish they would make is to replace the current unsealed labels with sealed ones (like the ones on their essential oil blends) because their unsealed version (on the cleanser, which I keep in the shower) has already washed off, which is good in terms of it biodegrading faster but it means it just doesn't look nice in my shower after awhile.  Still works great though!

For some reason I wasn't prepared to be ultra impressed, though I'm not sure why since Hope Gillerman's essential oil blends are ultra-high quality and hands-down effective.  My skin didn't have any issues or breakout during the three weeks I used it (and still am because I like my clear skin and often when I change products there can be a transition period); which is sort of amazing considering I haven't been eating super clean these days. (I'm working on it).  I highly recommend this line - the cleanser and the face oil are my faves of the bunch.  If you have normal/combo skin the cleanser and oil are probably the only things you need for your face this Spring and Summer.  Keep it simple!  If you are concerned about aging and dryness, tack on the Face Balm to your regimen. 

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Disclosure: H. Gillerman Organics sent us the product mentioned in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review. We were in no way compensated or nudged to write this review other than getting to keep the product sent.  We don't write about everything we receive from review, only products we would recommend to our family and friends. We have stringent review criteria, to learn more click here.

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