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Review :: Fresh Wave Natural Odor Removing Candle, Gel + Spray

If you have pets it's likely you have odor issues.  At least I do.  With two big indoor/outdoor dogs and one indoor cat, there are days my house smells like a barn.  Especially rainy days like we've been having as of late.  And unfortunately the litter box resides in my home office closet so it's imperative that it be as stink-free as possible, though not an entirely easy feat.

Out of necessity and much trial and error I have discovered Fresh Wave, a company that makes natural odor eliminating products that are the solution to my problem.  I'm not interested in masking odors with artificially-derived, harsh chemical laden, caustic air fresheners because they never work, makes things smell worse and they give me raging headaches.  I experience the opposite result with Fresh Wave and it has a very pleasant aroma from an essential oil blend of lime, cedarwood, pine needle, aniseed and clove.

The real uniqueness here is the science behind these products.  Now I'm no scientist and I have no proof this works the way they claim, but all I know is that it gets rid of the stink.  Here's how Fresh Wave says their products work: 

1). Fresh Wave molecules enter the air.

2). Each Fresh Wave molecule's surface film carries an electrostatic charge that attracts malodor particles.

3). Fresh Wave molecules remain airborne until they become saturated and fall to the ground, thus achieving 100% efficiency.

My experience:

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Crystals:  I decided to place this jar o' jello-y crystals in my closet where the litter box is because that's the place that needs the most help.  Since my furry feline sleeps in my office at night, she often uses her litter box during the night and when I open the door the next morning it's doesn't exactly smell fresh - in fact, I usually hold my breath and/or tuck my mouth and nose under the collar of my shirt until I can clean out her litter box.  But here's the thing: I left this jar of crystals open and right next to her litter box and I was pleasantly surprised the next morning when I opened my office door.  No crazy, pungent odor that usually wafts out of my door.  This time it actually smelled fresh and I didn't hold my breath.  It's been like that for a week straight.  HUGE improvement and a little miracle if I do say so myself. It's not difficult to see smell why this was a 2010 iParenting Media Award Winner

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Air Spray: This is a fabulous product to have in the bathroom, near the litter box, by the diaper pail or trash can - actually anywhere there's a stench I want to eradicate.  In fact, I have a stackable washer/dryer and the rubber seal that is all around the washer door has started to smell of mildew (I later learned this is common with my washer model) and as much as I clean it, it still had this yuck smell.  So I decided to spritz the seal with this spray and voila - gone!  All the Fresh Wave products have the same light, fresh scent and removes gross odors out in what seems like an instant.  This can also be sprayed on fabric.  I actually think I need a much bigger bottle of this because it's so great I want one in every room. 

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Soy Candle: Because good airflow helps move the aroma and stink-killing powers around I like to open windows and light this about an hour before company comes over.  The house smells great and I've even had guests comment that they were surprised that we have indoor dogs because our house doesn't smell "doggy".  (It's something I worry about so that's a nice compliment).  This is also great in the kitchen, say if you burn something and it's stinking up the place.  Light this and open the windows and the stench will be gone in no time.  

I pretty much love this stuff and may need to invest in the 2 gallon size!   The also have pet, baby and a Stinky Dorm Kit as well.  I highly recommend you check these products out if you have any sort of odor issues. 


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Disclosure: Fresh Wave sent us the product in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review. We were in no way compensated or nudged to write this review other than getting to keep the products.  We don't write about everything we receive from review, only products we would recommend to our family and friends. We have stringent review criteria, to learn more click here.

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