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Play :: Learn About The NSF/ANSI 305 "Contains Organic Ingredients" Personal Care Standard & Enter Go To The Head Of The Class $650 Giveaway

Welcome Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama U Students!  We're happy to have you!  We're Playing  Go To The Head of The Class With Earth Mama Angel Baby and four other blogs.  Here at you'll learn about the NSF/ANSI 305 Contains Organic Ingredients personal care standard.  If you play, you'll be entered to win Earth Mama Angel Baby's NSF/ANSI 305 Certified Angel Baby Lotion and Earth Mama Body Butter and if you play the entire game on all five blogs you'll be entered to win $650 worth of natural and organic products.

So many products, so many labels! The label says “natural,” but does that mean safe? What’s really organic? What’s a toxic ingredient? You almost need a degree to decipher label claims!

That’s why Earth Mama Angel Baby® is giving you the chance to go to the head of the organic class, win prizes and learn about the five levels of Organic and Natural. You’ll get product label information a concerned consumer can really use, plus earn your Mama U. diploma and a chance to win fantastic prizes all along the way, including a ginormous Grand Prize worth over $650! Earth Mama Angel Baby and five respected bloggers will take you from grade to grade: once you pass one level, you can move on to the next. You can do all five in a day or take your time and do it in a week. Just make sure you go to Mama U. Graduation by midnight Sunday, May 1 to pick up your diploma, your special graduate coupon code, and enter to win the Mama U. Graduates Grand Prize bundle of natural and organic goodies, valued at over $650!!

Welcome to High School

By now we hope you have a working knowledge of “Certified 100% Organic”, “Organic”, and “Made With Organic” (but you should feel free to go back to any of the previous grades for a refresher course)! Let’s move on to a more difficult level befitting your high school intelligence! Today's lesson is "Contains Organic Ingredients", the legal claim for products that are NSF/ANSI 305 certified

There are different organic standards for food and for personal care products (lotions, soaps and shampoos). The National Organic Program (NOP) is the USDA’s standard for certifying food products. Personal care products MAY be certified to the NOP standard so long as they comply with the food requirements. However because some of the chemical processes used for personal care products are not allowed for food, an equivalent standard called the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard was created.

The NSF/ANSI 305 Personal Care Products “Containing Organic Ingredients” logo identifies certified personal care products with organic content of 70 percent or more. If a product can prove it contains 70% organic ingredients or more and the remaining raw materials are on the approved list, it can be certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 standard.

Here’s an easy way to understand why it is necessary to have a separate standard for personal care products. Both mayonnaise and lotion are an emulsified blend of oil and water. They both need an emulsifier to keep the oil and water from separating. For food, NOP accepted emulsifiers include things like eggs and lecithin. However, neither of these raw materials is acceptable to emulsify a lotion that will not be refrigerated. The NSF/ANSI 305 organic standard allows for the use of certain raw materials to emulsify oil and water in the manufacturing of organic lotion.

The new NSF/ANSI 305 Contains Organic Ingredients personal care products standard seeks to simplify the process and remove consumer confusion by certifying that a company can prove a product has a minimum organic content of 70 percent or more and complies with all NSF/ANSI 305 requirements. No more throwing in a some organic lavender and claiming a lotion "contains organic ingredients.” The NSF/ANSI 305 standard, like the USDA/NOP standard, requires that companies document how their manufacturing process and handling of all organic raw materials protects their organic integrity. This means that pest management, sanitation procedures and chemicals, and manufacturing processes are all scrutinized.

The NSF/ANSI 305 Standard, just like the USDA NOP certification, requires strict labeling standards. (see fig. 1). The NFS symbol can be on the front of the label, and the claim “Contains Organic Ingredients” can be on the label and the description. There must also be an independent third party certifier listed (in this case, QAI).


High School Exam (see Crib Notes here).

Post your answer to the question below in the comments, and you’ll get a chance to win one each of Earth Mama Angel Baby’s NSF/ANSI 305 certified Angel Baby Lotion and Earth Mama Body Butter.

Q. What is the legal claim for products certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 organic standard?

Congratulations, you can now move on to College at The Smart Mama and learn about what "Natural" means! But first, head over to Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Facebook page to let everyone know, “I just graduated from Organic High school at!”

Check Earth Mama’s Go to the Head of the Organic Class page for blog locations, prize information, and the Crib Sheet for your open book tests. We’ll announce locations, prizes and winners on Facebook and Twitter too.

RULES: Contest is open to US residents only.  Participants can enter by leaving leave a comment on the blog post. One entry per person per giveaway will be accepted.  All giveaway rules can be found here.

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