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Mother's Day Gift Ideas :: 6 Things Our Mom Actually Loves

Trying to find a great gift for your Mama this Mother's Day?  Maybe we can help.  We think it's important to give something that she may not otherwise get for herself or something she doesn't know she'll love until it's gifted to her.  So we thought why not share what our own Mother likes.  And of course we don't think you need to buy Mom anything to let her know how important she is, but if you're looking for some gift ideas we have some suggestions.     

Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex

Isn't it interesting how things come full circle? Mom teaches kid when kid is little and then Kid teaches Mom when both are older. Our Mom, like most American women, is was highly skeptical about putting oil on her face. And why wouldn't she? We've been engrained with the idea that oil equals clogged pores and breakouts, thus all the "oil-free" hype here in the U.S. But other parts of the world have long been aware of the immense benefits (truly natural) facial oils have on the skin. And I suspect, once you try it - you won't be able to go back. Case in point, our own Mama who once raised an eyebrow at the thought of it now won't go without. She loves this facial oil from Tata Harper because it sinks in easily, she only needs a very small amount and her skin is nourished. 

+ Read my interview with Tata Harper here.

Primavera Revitalizing Intensive Firming Cream

Mom actually loves the entire skin care regimen from Primavera but this one stood out in particular. I think using this line makes her feel closer to our German roots but moreso loves how it makes her skin feel. When I got the sample set for her a few years back she raved and raved and soon thereafter called me with her credit card info and asked me to order her the full size from Saffron Rouge {the only U.S. retailer that carries the line}. 

+ Psst...Amala Beauty is Primavera's luxurious cousin. 

Vapour Organic Beauty Soft Focus Foundation

When my Mom was visiting in the Fall we put on our makeup together in the morning and she wanted to pick my brain about new products she should have and she tried a bunch of the products I have.  This is precisely when I confiscated her mineral foundation {from a brand we've never featured here before} because it accentuated her wrinkles and made her actually look older and dry.  Gasp!  Not good.  I handed her this and shortly thereafter she raved about how it felt on her skin and she loved her new fresh look.  Guess what part of her Christmas gift was this year?  Yep, this

+ Read my Vapour Organic Soft Focus Foundation review here.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

At the end of our combined makeup sesh I instructed her to put just a bit of this down the bridge of her nose and by the corner of her eyes - inside and out.  She loves it.  And for good reason, in an instant it makes dull skin come alive and adds a youthful glow.

+ I announced the anticipated launch of RMS Beauty a few years ago here.

+ My RMS Beauty Living Luminizer review can be found here.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil

More evidence that Mom gravitates towards German products is her love of Dr. Hauschka products, which are BDIH Certified Natural products.  She pampers herself after baths by applying this body oil which smells like the roses she prunes in her garden, entirely feminine and calming.  Forget those fake rose scents, this stuff is the real deal.  It comes in a glass bottle with gold pump top and looks great in the bathroom. 

+ I mentioned this was one of our Mom's fave a few years back here.

Acure Organics Mandarin Organic Body Lotion

When I was back home to visit my family last summer, I brought a couple bottles of this lotion with me, since it's one of my favorites and a product that usually travels with me.  Mom used, loved and declared "I need some of that".  I gave her my bottle then and there because I knew it wasn't yet in stores near her and I had more of it at home.  Come to find out her local natural food market New Frontiers in San Luis Obispo, CA now carries the line so she can find it close to home.    

p.s. Doesn't our Mom look like Princess Diana??

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