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Green On A Budget :: Dr. Bronner's Granddaughter Blogs About DIY Cleaning

Remember that survey we asked you to take a moment and fill out for us?  We heard  you loud and clear and are working to implement many of the things you asked for.  And this is one of them!  Many of you asked about affordable, eco-friendly, DIY cleaning recipes and instruction.  Soooo when we stumbled upon this gem of a blog by none other than the granddaughter of soap-making genius, Dr. Bronner we knew we had to share.  Dr. Bronner's has uber-high standards: USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified and they're huge advocates of keeping "organic" organic.  In addition to all that, the products are super affordable too - we both use their products in our own homes.  And we found this post about why castille soap and vinegar shouldn't be mixed totally interesting, especially because many DIY green cleaning recipes call for them to be mixed together. 
Click over to Lisa Bronner's blog to read more.  Happy Spring Cleaning!!


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Image: Lisa Bronner

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