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Fresh Find :: Chia Seed Pudding Recipe From Organic Avenue

Have you heard about the miracle of chia seeds??  I'm a huge fan for many reasons.  They are packed full of nutrients, fiber, protein and healthy fat which is why they are called a "superfood", that and they provide natural energy.  And if you're trying to slough off some pounds right now as many are in preparation for swimsuit season - I suggest you become familiar with cha cha cha chia because one of the perks of consuming chia seeds is that they will satiate you so they help put the kibosh on overeating.  Two tidbits of info I found a couple years ago that made me run to my health food store and grab some organic chia seeds:

1). Paul Bragg, health pioneer and the guy responsible for the famous Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, did a little chia seed experiment.  He got friends together for an endurance hike, gave half the group only chia seeds to eat and the other half could eat whatever they wanted.  Guess which group finished four hours before the other group?  Yep, the chia seed eaters. 

2). Chia seeds have been known and used by ancient cultures for their mega-energy properties.  Chia is the Mayan word for strength.  Aztecs, Mayans and Incans have used the seeds for hundreds of years as a endurance food.

I sprinkle the seeds on salad and have been known to eat chia seeds by the spoonful with nothing else but a tall glass of water, but I've heard much ado about chia seed pudding but haven't yet tried it, have you?  This video from Organic Avenue makes it look so easy that there's really no excuse for me not to.  Will you try it??

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