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Sale Alert :: Trillium Organics Makes Room For USDA Certified Organic Products - Old Packaging Is On Clearance!

If I were you I'd be making my way over to Trillium Organics right about now.  This company has been making real organic personal care products from day one, which was about seventeen years ago - waaay before organic got trendy {no complaints that it did mind you}.  They are across the Lake from me and I'd love to make my way to their facility one of these days {I'm sure it smells amazing!} but in the meantime I'll admire them from afar. 

As of now their site has all their new USDA Certified Organic OGbody, OGbaby and OGmama product lines and they're clearing out the old and making room for the new - so head on over and check out the sale on the products in the older packaging before they're gone! 

FYI: We're major fans of their Body Polish, Body Oil and Body Soap. {psst check out our Search By Brand to find our Trillium reviews}.


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