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Sale Alert :: Entire Alima Pure Certified Natural Mineral Makeup Line 55% Off Today Only!

You love a good deal just like we do so we thought you'd like to know that today Blissmo is offering a 50% discount voucher for the entire BDIH Certified Natural Alima Pure mineral makeup product line.  And if you use coupon code "trybliss" you'll get another 5% off on top of that. 

If you're not yet familiar with Blissmo, they're a company working to promote sustainable consumption for a happier, healthier people and planet. They do this by offering organic, eco-friendly products and services at discounts of up to 70% off!  And if you're not yet familiar with Alima Pure, we've written about them several times so just make your way over to our "Search By Brand" drop-down menu in our left column and check them out!!


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