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Review :: Ursa Major Stellar Natural Shaving Cream Skin Care For Men {Not Just For Men!}

Just because we write a lot about women's personal care here doesn't mean we don't care about our guys or what they use.  We do.  A lot.  Because we both have pretty great ones.  Okay, really great ones.  And they both share a love for the outdoors. And though guys don't typically use nearly as many personal care products as women it's just as important for them to be using healthy products. 

Enter Stellar Shaving Cream from new brand on the scene Ursa Major {The Great Bear}.  Last month they began following us on Twitter and I was instantly drawn in by their look and concept so I wrote to them.  Usually, it's the branding+packaging that first gets me and this was no different.  Their bear reminded me of the bear on the California flag and it made me smile.  And then all the campy+outdoorsiness (yes, I just made that up) makes me think of my man-of-many-talents, namely almost any outdoor activity under the sun {surfing, mountain biking, backpacking, snowboarding, cycling, basketball, volleyball, golf, baseball....the list goes on and on}. The Ursa Major "live major" mantra resonates loudly over here because we are smack dab in the middle of trying to do just that at the moment - living in the moment instead of living for a future that is sure to change. And then there's the product itself - a super fabulous shaving cream that we've both used equal amounts of and think is really wonderful.

Emily at Elements Showcase in NYC

You know what I can't stand?  A guy doused in suffocating aroma.  Even if guys don't use cologne the great majority of men's products are so heavily scented that it's just as bad as when I walk through the perfume counters at a department store.  The good news for me is that my man feels the same way I do about scents - we don't like overpowering, harsh ones.  And that's one of the things we like about Ursa Major's Shave Cream - the scent is very mild, though manly (yet not too manly that a woman couldn't use it), decidedly refreshing and clean-smelling, containing natural scents of ginger, fir balsam, bergamot and rosemary.

The tube is waterproof, ingredients are good, and it looks great on shelf or in shower.  This feels like a lotion {does not foam} and provides a nice barrier between skin and razor whether used on face or legs.  I also like the bright white color from the zinc oxide because I can see exactly where my razor has already been when I'm shaving.  The contents are 99% natural, 11% organic and the packaging is made from 28% post-consumer recycled content.  The ingredients can be found here.

You know I love the story behind a brand and this one is good.  Can you believe the guy behind Ursa Major has a name like Oliver Sweatman?  Perfect, no?!  He and his lady, Emily, lived+worked in NYC for a decade before deciding last year to escape the big city and head to Vermont to start "living major".  From where I stand they are off to a great start and their products are already making appearances in both specialty retail shops and backpacks alike all over the country.  Their three other products will be launched this Spring and Summer.  Stay tuned!

Oliver Sweatman of Ursa Major

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Disclosure: Ursa Major sent us the product mentioned in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review. We were in no way compensated or nudged to write this review other than getting to keep the shave cream. We don't write about everything we receive from review, only products we would recommend to our family and friends. We have stringent review criteria, to learn more click here.

Photo credit: Hypebeast, Lost At E Minor

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