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Review :: Tata Harper's Aromatic Irritability Treatment + 6 Things That Irritate Me

We try to keep it real positive around here because too much negativity is a turn-off and positivity can inspire change, buuut sometimes we get real irritated.  Here are 6 things that irritate:

1). "If you can't pronounce it, don't put it on your skin".  This is nonsensical.  Have you ever tried to pronounce some of the latin names for plants??  Try Pelargonium graveolens.  That's geranium and it's great for skin.  

2). Brands with "organic" in their name or on the packaging but their products contain little to no organic content.  Call me picky, I call it misleading. 

3). Press releases, PR pitch emails, editors exclaiming "100% organic" or "totally natural" and ingredients aren't even close.  Happens. All. The. Time.

4). Brands that use petrochemicals and market their products as green, natural, organic or eco. Greenwashing anyone?

5). Brands that get annoyed, defensive and rude when you ask them to prove the validity of their claims.  If that kind of response isn't suspicious I don't know what is.   

6). "Chemicals in cosmetics" or "chemicals in food". Hearing or reading this is like nails on a chalkboard for me and it happens often.  Since everything is a chemical this phrase translates as unintelligent at worst and a poor choice of words at least.

So what does all this have to do with Tata Harper's Aromatic Irritability Treatment you ask??  Well, we certainly know there are much more irritating things in life like your car breaking down on the side of the road, the baby who won't stop screaming or the client who thinks you are their personal punching bag, amongst other things; but the point is whether it's a little pet peeve or you're having a catastrophically bad day the  contents of this little bottle may just calm your nerves as it has been doing for me.  I carry the pretty glass bottle in my bag with me most of the time and when the need arises I just roll some on my wrists, rub them together, take big long inhales and exhales and I really do feel much more relaxed.  Whether I have a headache, tense shoulders from painting a ceiling for hours (the roller ball makes it easy to apply to large areas and then I use it as a massage oil) or stressing about meeting an important deadline, this helps me chill out and it smells sooooo wonderful too.  Sometimes I sniff it even if I'm having a perfectly good day because it smells that good.  I will even roll it behind my ears as perfume on occasion because the aroma is intoxicating and when I wear it in public people tell me I smell good, which is always nice to hear.

What irritates you??

Find: or

Price: $65 for 5ml/.16 oz (I've been using mine for a couple months now and still have half a bottle left)

Save: Use code figandsage at and get 15% off your entire order (one time use per customer).

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Disclosure: Spirit Beauty Lounge sent me the product mentioned in this post for an honest and candid review and I was in no way obligated or pressured to write about it.  We have strict review criteria and only write reviews about products we truly like or love. Click here to learn more about our review criteria

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