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Adorable Find+Review :: Sweet Spud 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tees for Tiny People

Now that the weather is finally warming up over here on the west coast, we're finding ourselves in t-shirts more and more often. Thank goodness my kids have some cute ones to sport while we enjoy showing off our arm skin! Sweet Spud is a little company who has created fun and sweet children's clothing out of 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks. These clothes are not only adorable, but they also have something to say. Using inspirational quotes, each piece conveys a message through words as well as design. It makes my heart melt a little bit to see my kids displaying words of hope like, "My life is my message" and "Where there is love, there is life", by Mahatma Gandhi. No matter what you believe in, I think we can all agree in words like those.
The tees are well-made and soft and have held up to a considerable amount of dirt {and whatever else kids wipe on themselves throughout the day} without showing much wear. Yes--we moms appreciate that. There are no tags on the back of the tees either, which is another thing us moms with sensitive kids appreciate. I get many compliments on my children's tees when we go out in public, but the biggest fans of these tees are my kids. I get more requests for the "tree shirt" and the "giraffes" than the laundry cycle can keep up with. I'm not one for cute-sy, cartoon-y kids clothes, but these have just the right amount of fun mixed with class to get them a thumbs-up in my house.


Image Credit:: 1# Me #2 Sweet Spud

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