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Review :: Why I Love Dr. Schulze Herbal Remedies and His Organic, Wild-Crafted SuperTonic For Cold + Flu

Is it just us or are immune systems in general having a bad week?  It seems like this week in particular I've been hearing about many people all over the country coming down with this or that.  What a fun week it has been around here {insert sarcasm}.  We both started the week with issues - me, with a stomach thing, and Erin with an intense poison oak outbreak all over her body with no indication as to  how she acquired it and then her husband and son were hit by a bad case of the flu.  Then after my stomach issues went away on day two, in crept a hint of sore throat and achy body.  Lovely. Suffice it to say, it was evident my immune system had taken a dive.  But the good news is that when I feel an inkling of throat soreness or body aches, I know just what I need to do because it works like a charm if I catch it early. 

It was about two years ago in Encinitas, California that I discovered Dr. Schulze's herbal remedies whilst sitting in the kitchen of one of my oldest (known the longest) friends after I attended one of her yoga classes.  We were watching her boyfriend whip up an ultra healthy green smoothie for us when I noticed all these brown glass bottles on the counter and I asked about them.  They both quickly chimed in at the same time professing their adoration for these products and she's throwing around statements like "they saved our friend's marriage!" and "I'm not a crazy person anymore when I'm PMSing" to which he promptly chimes in over the sounds of the blender "I can vouch for that!".  They both go on and on about how they've healed this or that with themselves, personal friends and family members. They say they've got both their families hooked on the stuff.  They were like herbal evangelists - my eyes were getting wide and my curiosity was growing.  And the thing was, I believed them - I trusted them and they had nothing to gain or lose from telling me about all those brown bottles on their kitchen counter. But I still wondered if they were really as great as they chalked them up to be.  As soon as I got back home I placed an order and now I'm a Dr. Schulze convert.  Like them, I have nothing to gain or lose from telling you about Dr. Schulze "the Herb Doc" other than to share a supplement brand that actually works for me, because let's get real - many don't. And who really wants to be throwing hard earned money down the drain?!  Not I! 

It's worth sharing two things with you to put this topic in context: 

1). I write a lot about external products but I firmly believe health begins inside the body and if something adverse is going on outside the body whether it be acne or a cold, something internally is out of balance and it's wise for me to look at the root cause before putting a "band-aid" on it (i.e. external acne remedies, NyQuil).  These types of issues are outward reactions to an internal problem.

2). I am a firm believer in trying to fix the issue myself before I run to a doctor.  Don't get me wrong - I'm related to a doctor and they have their place in my life and the lives of those I love, but I personally do everything in my power at home with my natural remedies, or potions, as I like to call them, before I seek conventional assistance.  It's not likely you'll find me at the doctor's office for the flu or a rash.  If I can fix something myself, naturally - I will - cause that's how I roll. 

A little background: Dr. Schulze is a real guy who's around the same age as my dad, he's well-educated in the matters of all things herbal healing and detox/internal cleansing.  He doesn't mince words about his stance on health and healing, which I love. When he was 16 doctors diagnosed him with an incurable genetic heart deformity and was told he'd only live to be 20. But he wasn't picking up what the doctors were putting down and so began his journey into the world of natural, herbal medicine.  He operated natural cure clinics in Southern California, New York and Europe for 20 years and now almost 40 years later he is still preaching the same philosophies and has many of the same formulas he did back when he ran his clinics and some more great additions as well.  {His Intestinal Formula #1 is one of my hands-down, all-time favorite products.}

His Super Tonic is one of my favorites - when I'm feeling a cold or flu coming on, I start in on a strict Super Tonic regimen the first day symptoms show up and usually everything is gone by the next day.  The key is to have the stuff on hand before I get the flu and start taking it before it spirals out of control lest it has to play it's course.

What makes his formulas different is that he uses highly concentrated organic and wild-crafted ingredients, whereas many supplement companies watered-down "natural" ingredients {click here to learn the difference between natural vs. organic}.  Other companies often use small percentages of herbs and more often than not, contain fillers and  junk whereas Dr. Schulze formulas contain 100% herbs.  Do you ever wonder why your supplements aren't working?!?   I could go on and on, but I'll save more for another time.  I'm going to go drink some SuperFood Plus...

Do you have a favorite supplement brand or product that you trust and that's working for you???

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FDA Disclaimer: The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These are my own personal thoughts and opinions, I am not a medical person and this statement is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Image: My SuperTonic bottle in the snow.

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