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Review :: House Blend Organics (formerly Nourish Baby Organics) Lavender Wash, Lavender Balm + Coconut Balm

Editor's Note: Nourish Baby Organics changed their name to House Blend Organics since this post first published on February 16, 2011 and has changed ownership as well since Melissa Vines (now owner of Village Apothecary) was the Owner/our contact when we tried the products and Olivia Pennington is the Founder of House Blend Organics, according to their websites. The links in this post have been changed so they forward to the correct destination. House Blend Organics is in no way associated with Nourish Organic/Sensible Organics Inc. (that we are aware of) who acquired Nourish Baby Organics' domain name. We tried Nourish Organic/Sensibility Soaps products back in 2008 and they didn't meet our standards/expectations so we didn't write about them. Nourish Organics re-branded in 2012 with a new look but we were told their formulas had not changed so we weren't interested in trying the same products in different packaging. Specifically, we didn't have issue with ingredient content but rather with performance. We hope this helps clear up any confusion between the two brands. In short, we like House Blend Organics and the products mentioned in this post.

House Blend Organics (formerly Nourish Baby Organics) hit my radar on Twitter a couple months ago, and shortly thereafter I was checking out their packaging (love it) and ingredients (love them) and then eagerly got in touch with Melissa Vines, the head mama over at NBO.  But it was obvious that the only true test would be to try the products on a real baby.  So do you remember my friend who was pregnant a month and a half ago and agreed to review some organic pregnancy products for us?!  Well she's back (with a brand new beautiful baby girl!) to share her thoughts about Nourish Baby Organics.  Here's the low-down on three of their products in Holli's own words:

"My baby loves her baths! I thought she would protest and cry and scream but this little miss loves her bath and getting her hair did. One of the things I enjoy about her bath time is the way she looks at me with those big eyes and her mouth in the shape of the tiniest “o”, like a little cheerio, when I wash her hair.  The other thing I love about her bath time is that her soap is also her shampoo! Yes, I like this product for a couple reasons, but the main thing is that the House Blend Organics Lavender Body Wash is perfect for both her hair and body. One simple step in getting my girl clean.  This wash comes in a great pump bottle which it makes it so easy when it seems like I need 4 hands to get my little one clean, one step to pump and then apply. I also love how light the wash is, not greasy or heavy, but like a silken, smooth wash that doesn’t leave a residue on her delicate newborn skin.  I also love the lavender scent. While I use this product during day to clean my baby, I know that the aroma of the lavender will come into play when she is a little older and we institute her nightly bath to calm her into a soothing sleep.  The scent is subtle and not overpowering for her little nose. 

After coming home from the hospital it seemed as if my little one was molting, her skins on her hands and feet were so dry and flaky. After living in such nourishing fluid for the past 9 months, she needed help in retaining some hydration on her skin. The House Blend Organics Coconut Balm was a great addition to other supply of lotions. It is a strong and thick balm, like all balms should be, so we only use it every few days. A little bit of it went a long way on her dry skin. It was an instant moisture sealer after her bath. It is a little to thick to use as a regular moisturizer every day but when she needed a “sealant” of sorts on her dry skin, I would rub on some of the balm.  

Old packaging (as Nourish Baby Organics)

New packaging (as House Blend Organics)

The first few weeks of baby blissdom includes nights of fussiness, when it is 3 am and the little one just won’t calm down and go back to sleep we would try every trick in the book to help her soothe into a restful sleep, rocking, bouncing, singing (who remembers all the words to nursery rhymes at 3 am?! so I had to resort to songs from the 90’s - where I had spent countless days rewinding cassette tapes to memorize all the lyrics)! One of those tricks I tried and loved for both her and I, was to use the House Blend Organics Lavender Balm and rub it on her wrists and ankles and her temples. While it may have not been instant success, I know the scent of the lavender was calming for me, which in turn it made easier to deal with the fussiness and the loving touch from mommy massaging her helped her calm down. It is not a fix all for her fussiness but a part of the ritual of getting our little love to calm that I enjoyed doing, it was good for the both of us to help ease us back to sleep.

The House Blend Organics line is a worry free thing for me. I didn’t have to wonder, is this good for the baby? Do I have to read all the ingredients to determine if something will cause her sensitive skin to react? And at this time, with a newborn and all the things that come with having a new little baby in the house, it was nice to have one less thing to worry about!"

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Disclosure: House Blend Organics (formerly Nourish Baby Organics) sent my friend the products mentioned in this post for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  Fig+Sage was not compensated for this review, nor did we receive products directly for it.  To learn more about the Fig+Sage Review Standards, click here.

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