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Review :: Couleur Caramel's Anti-Aging Elixir And Anti-Aging Fluid In 100% Recyclable, Refillable Packaging

I've never used a serum that made my skin feel quite like this.  There are only so many synonyms for "silky" and the word just seems overused but that's how I'd describe the texture of my skin after using this not only for one week but just after one use.  Unlike some facial oils, the Couleur Caramel Anti-Aging Elixir is a product that you use underneath a moisturizer. The one I used was the Couleur Caramel Anti-Aging Fluid which, interestingly enough, is designed for normal to oily skin, whereas the majority of anti-aging products are geared towards dry skin (check out their Anti-Aging Cream if you have dry skin).  This should be a welcome surprise for those normal/oily types.  The combination of these two products left a fabulous smooth texture to my skin and the consistency of both is not greasy in any way, despite any preconceived notions you may have about using oil on your face.   The aroma is very mild and fresh and they both sink in very quickly, which makes them both a great base under makeup.  I used these two products for one week so I can't attest to their anti-aging abilities, but I can tell you that the texture of my skin felt great and I had a difficult time not touching my face because it felt great!

I love the look of their refillable glass jars!
We can be so wasteful with all the product packaging we throw away which is why I really like Couleur Caramel's concept - you buy one of these cool looking jars one time and from then on you only buy the product in 100% recyclable refill pouches:

If this sounds like a products you'd like to try, I highly recommend a try before you buy sample so you can determine which products are right for your skin before you splurge on the full sizes.  The Nature of Beauty has a Couleur Caramel Deluxe Sample Kit for $4.99 if you're intersted.

Find: The only U.S. online retailer that carries the entire line of the French brand Couleur Caramel is

Disclosure:  The Nature of Beauty sent me samples of the products mentioned in this post for the purpose of an honest and candid review.  I was not compensated for this post, this is my honest and true opinion based on my use of the product.  To learn more about the Fig+Sage Review Criteria, click here.

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