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Mama Tricks of the Trade :: Look Fresh + Alive in Less than 5 Minutes!

This post is not just for mamas, because we can all have some rough nights or just some days when our face is not on it's best behavior. We mamas tend to give up our sleep on a pretty regular basis though, and we need some help to make it look like we got our recommended 8 hours (even though we only got 5...and not at one time.) I, like most mamas, have little time to apply make-up the proper way (and by proper I mean with the use of two hands and with the right tools - they mostly get grabbed by little hands as I'm attempting a look in the mirror.) So, I'm going to share with you what I've learned about choosing your beauty battles.

Play Tricks on Your Eyes :: If there is one thing in my makeup drawer that I simply cannot do without - it would be my concealer. I love Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist, because it really is magic. It does the job of covering dark circles, but it actually shimmers to add a fresh glow to the places that need it the most. It's like a night-and-day difference within 1 minute. Also, it smells delicious. I swipe it on the good ol' under-eyes (one-handed mind you), blend in, and I suddenly look alive. Voila!
Put Some Color on Your Lips :: This little wonder-working beauty 'must have' has been out for months now, but I think you should hear it from me - this stuff is wonderful! RMS Lip Shine in "Bloom" is the perfect shade for most every woman and adds a very natural color boost and a sensible shine to the lips. Takes two hands (one to screw off the lid, the other to apply) but sometimes we have to make sacrifices for beauty, right? Instantly adds another 2 hours to your night's sleep (at least as far as your face is concerned.)

Get a Tan Without the Beach :: I've got to be honest, no matter how much I've slept I rarely manage to sport a healthy tan. S and I both got a major dose of the European genes from our mom, and it takes a concerted effort for us to get to "sun-kissed" status. Bronzer is a must-have, no-brainer, don't-leave-home-without-it makeup item for me. Vapour has a wonderfully glowy bronzer that looks fresh, not dull, and will trick anyone into thinking you were born that way.

Smell Fresh Without Getting Wet :: Let's face it - sometimes showers don't happen every day. (Yes, I realize that's an understatement.) I don't really want to go around letting the world know about it though. When I have 5 minutes *tops* to get myself ready for a public appearance, I turn to a little bottle of Eau de Parfum to get me feeling like a woman again. I have a few different scents in my rotation, but Ilang Ilang by Tsi-La is a scent that never fails me. It is beautifully sweet yet entirely grown-up. Heck, who needs a shower?
Ready, Set...Glow :: One of the side-effects of losing sleep is losing your mind as well. When this post was published I had left out a crucial 'look alive' tip for you all, maybe one of the most important. Please forgive me (and blame the teething, screaming toddler in my possession.) So, without making you wait another it is: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. It's no accident that the word "living" is in the name, because if anything makes you look's this. While I think that Vapour Illusionist Concealer really has added a glow to my eye area unlike any other concealer, this can enhance it and you can apply it all over...really! Put it in the corners of your eyes to brighten them up, or on your cheek bones and brow bone to make you look dewy (minus the glitter). Whether you wear a lot of make-up, or none at all, this stuff should definitely have a home in your bathroom if you are needing a little facelift in the morning.

So there you have personal tricks to maintain credibility as a member of land of the living. We can all spare at least 5 minutes a day to get back to beautiful, no matter what our life looks like (or how many little hands are pulling on us.) Here's to getting fresh!

How much time do you have to get ready in the morning??

Find:,, or find them all at (where my Christmas gift from a family member came from, that included all these items)

Image Credit for products: Spirit Beauty Lounge

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