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Lovely Find :: Max Wanger Organic Cotton "Love" Tees for Your Little Loves

I'm slightly obsessing over these tees that are PERFECT for Valentine's Day. If you haven't figured it out already, those hands are spelling out L-O-V-E in (almost) sign language. The designs were created by the photographer Max Wanger who turned his lovely photographs into cool t-shirt designs and is now selling them to the masses. I want one of these for my little lovey this Valentine's you? 

This perfectly understated onesie by Max Wanger is on my love list too. And since I've got two little lovies (the boy and the girl kind), it all works out - one of each! Max creates limited edition organic cotton apparel based on his photography work and we are becoming big fans. I am a sucker for less-is-more apparel, and these designs are sweet, simple and just in time for the holiday of love (although they would be perfect for every other day too.) 

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