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We Need Your Help :: How Can We Make Fig+Sage More Useful To YOU in 2011?

Fig+Sage's three year anniversary is just around the corner and we want to make sure that 2011 is our best year yet and the only way we can do that is if you help us out a little.  If you would be so kind as to give us a few minutes of your time to let us know how we're doing so we can improve, we would greatly appreciate it!!  Whether positive or negative (hopefully constructive), we really value our reader's input and by helping us in this way, we can in turn, give you a site that really works well for you (hint...we've got some big plans in the works).  After all, it's all about you - our readers!  We have just 10 questions for you.  Thank you so much for your help and your time!!  xoxox

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