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Fresh Find :: Indigenous Designs Knits Organic Cotton Airplane Wrap Sweater 50% Off At Beklina

Whether I'm on a plane for business or traveling back "home" to California I have some essentials that I never fly without.  One of them is a nice cozy sweater for the plane because it can get cold on board and I like to catch up on my sleep inflight; and there's no way I'm borrowing one of the airline blankets to snuggle up with because who knows who else has coughed, sneezed or breathed on it. Besides that blankets always fall off or down.  I just spotted this long organic cotton ID Knit Airplane Wrap at Beklina (who recently redesigned their site btw) that looks perfect for cozying up in and it's on sale! 


Sale: Was $160, Now Just $80 in Brown or Black

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