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Review :: Zkano Launches Ultra Comfortable And Soft Organic Cotton Socks For Kids (SPD Friendly Too?!)

It seems like lately I have had several friends tell me that they are discovering that their children have trouble dealing with the texture of the world around them. Whether it be the dress that's too "itchy" to wear or the seams in the socks that bother them to the point of tantrums, some kids are feeling the little things in a big way. When two of my friend's children were diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD for short) I hadn't heard much about it but I have gained quite an education over the past year or so. Some cases are mild, some are severe, but all kids, even adults experience some sort of problems integrating certain senses into their brains at times.

Those who struggle with their senses might feel that a seam in a sock is like a serrated knife grating on their toes. Problem is, most socks have seams and most clothes have tags and this life is not all cotton balls and cashmere. For those little ones who are trying to figure this world out, it can all be overwhelming when things feel harder, sharper, louder, colder, pokey-er (and the list goes on...), than they should.

When I received a pair of Zkano socks in the mail for my little man, I wasn't immediately struck with how cute they were. They were pretty plain actually. I did appreciate the fact that they could go with almost everything and had orange accents which are used for stitched in sizes and left and right distinction so kids can learn while putting socks on. Yay for learning in the little things!

The next thing I noticed as I put the little footie socks on those adorable 3-year-old feet was how SOFT they felt. I mean buttery, cushy, squishy soft. When I discovered that the toe seam was sewn flat for added comfort, I knew I wasn't going to be receiving any protest about those ones. Yay for one less protest!

As you know by now we are always taken with the stories behind the brands that we review. I love the story of Zkano, where a daughter collaborates with her entrepreneurial parents' knowledge of the sock industry to create a company that honors her desire to live more sustainably. Zkano is not flashy, but the product is well thought out and oh-so-comfortable. Whether you're looking for a no-frills white sock for exercise or everyday, or you're going through the grueling process with your little one of finding socks that "work" and what socks absolutely do NOT - Zkano has something for everyone. Yay for comfortable organic socks!


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Disclosure: Zkano sent us the product mentioned in this post for the the purpose of a honest and candid review. We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair.  To read more about our review criteria, click here

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