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Rave Review :: Zoe Organics Pregnancy Pampering Body Care Made From 100% Organic Ingredients

Heather Hamilton, Zoe Organics Founder
I'm really not trying to freak out any family members and friends by making a pregnancy announcement with this post, though it is sort of funny to imagine them finding out such news by reading it here as opposed to hearing it straight from the horses mouth (p.s. I would never do that). I'm imagining the calls, texts and emails I may have received if I didn't include this disclaimer. Ha!  Instead I enlisted my nine months pregnant girlfriend, Holli Do, of twenty-five years.  Yes, we've been friends since third grade.  I knew that her feedback would be entirely honest, especially since she doesn't exclusively use natural or organic products.  All I said was  "just let me know what you think" and this is what I got in return after she had been using the products for almost one month: 

"It was just a few weeks before Christmas and I got a wonderful package in the mail, Zoe Organics new pregnancy products just for me to enjoy. I was excited to try out the products on the generous request of the Fig+Sage ladies, seeing how I was in the last few weeks of my first pregnancy I needed a little extra treat, something to make me feel feminine and lovely despite my ever growing belly and tiredness.

This was what I needed, a few things to pick up my spirits, feel refreshed and have a mini spa treatment at home. I really enjoy all the products from Zoe Organics, each one feels luxurious and has an incredible scent, some of lavender, chamomile, peppermint and rose. 


Made with 100% organic ingredients!

My favorite product is the Love My Belly Butter. It feels like I am rubbing on extra layer of protection between my baby and the world all the while knowing this will help ward off the itchy skin and the scary notion of stretch marks. This belly butter is creamy and concentrated. I believe it could last all 9 months long. I enjoy it each day, using it morning and night! I love that it feels like a lotion that has some oomph to it, not light and watery at all like the other brands I have used in the past.

A really necessary item is the Refresh Lip Balm. I seem to always have dry lips and need a balm that feels light and clean, so I can be quite picky when it comes to this subject. This balm did the trick, first it is a light balm but still gives the moisture kick and protection to the lips, and oh the scent! It is really refreshing and it has a nice lingering touch of ginger and peppermint that is an instant mood enhancer. I now carry with me everywhere I go and it has replaced my good old standby chapstick.

The Glowing Face & Body Wash is a special treat in the shower. It is light and in this neat air foaming pump. So no need to use the extra energy to get that body wash into a lather, it comes out light and foamy ready to work it’s magic. The wash feels soft to the skin and I love that I could even use it on my face. I can’t wait till my little miss is born so I can share it with her. I even caught my husband using it!

One of the hard things about the end of pregnancy is being sore and tired so often. It makes the end seem longer that it should be and to honest not quite like oneself. The next product was such a pick me up, sometimes I just need to relax and unwind and the Love My Body Oil was just the thing to do that. I love how this makes me feel like I am the spa getting a deluxe treatment. The lavender and eucalyptus aroma of the oil is intoxicating and so relaxing. I asked the hubs to do me a favor and rub my back one night with this oil and wow, it was like he was trained by a Swede or something! It was such a treat to get that spa feeling with out having to leave the house. The oil can be used to keep skin soft and hydrated and is an excellent mood enhancer and luxurious.

The Mommy-To-Be-Bath Tea is another one of those special treats. I love a good warm bath to relax and love to try all different kinds of bath products. This is an interesting kind of bath, the tea soak is something I had always wanted to try and this was such a great product to try. I love the idea of letting the muslin bag of rose, lavender, chamomile and calendula steep in hot water before adding to the bath, it signals me to stop and relax and prepare to get into the tub to just soak. The blend of scents and the warm bath really is a relaxing treat to escape and just unplug for a bit.

The product line does a great job of providing premium quality, natural and organic skincare products, each one of the products feels luxurious and like a special pampering treat mixed with wonderful aromas."

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Note: The Glowing Face & Body Wash is the only product in the line that is not 100% organic due to the water and citric acid content, it's about 98% organic, which is still amazing!

Are you pregnant or know someone who is?  Do you want to try these products out yourself?  Or do you want to give them away as a super cool gift?  Tell us if you'd like us to host a giveaway of these products and you're wish just may come true!!  {Can you tell we like comments?!?!} 

Disclosure: Zoe Organics sent our tester the products mentioned in this post for the the purpose of a honest and candid review. We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair.  To read more about our review criteria, click here.  Zoe Organics is also currently one of our beloved sponsors.  To read our original Zoe Organics post, click here (well before they became a sponsor).

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