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Loving :: Moksa Organics Body Soap Bars, Body Butter And Body Oil Review

Husband and wife team, Haskell and Melanie, are behind the small brand that is Moksa Organics, a company that adheres to simple principles, straightforward ingredients and affordable prices.  Their packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and labels are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste printed with soy ink.  All products are made in-house in a production facility that Haskell designed and created, which gives the two a lot of control over quality and integrity; as opposed to having it all outsourced to a lab, which many companies do.  It's been my experience that those who make their products in-house have a much more intimate understanding of what it takes to make their products and what's in them than those who don't, and in this case it shows.
I have been using their products for the past couple weeks and I'm a big fan.  Here's my experience:

moksa organics Abbey Road Body Bar $6.50

Nice size bar 'o soap with exfoliating bits.  Doesn't dry my skin out or leave a residue like some bars do.  I use this to shave my legs - no razor burn!  The aroma is nice and mellow and it produces a nice creamy lather.  I love the dominant scent of cloves.  This bar didn't get mushy for me, but I can see how it could if you leave it in an area that doesn't drain.  Put it somewhere it can dry out or just lean it upright in your shower caddy or soap dish and you'll be fine.  Nice soap, great foam, lovely scent!

"We've figured out how to clean the skin without stripping all of the oils in their entirety.  We've found a balance using different percentages of carrier oils that allows for shaving, lathering and softness.  Most detergents strip the skin of all oils (that's their job) and many soaps do as well because of a lack of understanding.  It doesn't have to be that way with soap." -Melanie Martin, Moksa Organics Founder

moksa organics Bohemian Forest Body Bar $6.50

Turns out both these bars were the perfect selection for me because I equally love the scent of this - birch, cedarwood, ylang ylang, vetiver & lemongrass.  And don't worry if you're not in love with overtly woodsy scents (I'm not) - though in the mix, birch & cedarwood definitely don't dominate.  This is warm, comforting and refreshing (I get a whiff of spearmint too).  This also has exfoliating bits in it which I like for my back, arms and back of legs.  Also great for shaving!  They both perform the same - so thumbs up to both!

moksa organics Organic Grapefruit Ylang-Ylang Body Oil $18

This is a wonderfully hydrating body oil and a great price!I love that it's housed in a dark amber glass bottle (my preference for oils, over plastic). This oil is very clear in color, with a base of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil, which are both great for the skin.  This body oil smells really nice and the aroma is mild; won't knock your socks off.  I like that I can use this after I shave and don't get razor burn.  If you feel like you can't get enough moisture on your skin this winter, ditch the lotion completely and head straight for body oil and if necessary, body butter on top of that.  It will make a world of difference in how your skin feels. 

"Bottom line:  We believe that any product derived from nature that goes through a chemical refinement process is no longer "pure, natural or organic."   That is why we no longer use "organic" refined shea butter.  It goes through a chemical refinement process.  Also, factories and manufacturers do not have to disclose the chemicals used for refining.  We believe it is no longer organic.  We use fair trade, raw, organic butter." - Melanie Martin, Moksa Organics Founder

moksa organics Organic Grapefruit Ylang-Ylang Body Butter $12

This is my favorite of the bunch for four good reasons:

1). I like how this smells - pure, natural, raw, fresh.  I can't get enough grapefruit or ylang ylang in my life. 

2). I like how this feels - it sounds and feels like cake frosting.  Unlike many other shea butter body butters I have tried, this is very easy to scoop out of the glass jar it comes in.  A lot of others are very hard and you need a mini-shovel to scoop it out.  This stuff is creamy and glides right over skin.  I'm using this all over the place.  It's by my desk during the day and on my nightstand at night (maybe I should get one for each so I don't have to carry it around).   

3). It performed a little miracle on me.  You see, I had this chapped part of my lip on the upper left side, a rough patch that would not go away no matter what I used on it (and believe you me, I tried a gazillion different things). I used this on my lips at night before bed twice and on the third day I had a revelation after rolling my tongue over my lips and randomly exclaimed "honey!! my lip thing is totally gone!!!" to my husband.  Nada. Nothing. Gone.  And 1 week later - still gone.  When a product heals or cures something when nothing else would, it quickly soars to the tippity top of my faves category.

So, I wrote Melanie Martin (Moksa founder) right away to tell her about my miracle.  She was glad but not entirely surprised and told me how her sister (a medical doctor) had a patch of skin on her face that would not heal, even with steriods and skin cultures. She began to use Moksa Mint Soap to wash her face and the Body Butter on her face after that and voila.....her skin healed!  And they're the only thing she uses on her face now.  So what did ingredients performed that our miracles?  It's very likely the quality and healing power of the raw shea butter and organic arrowroot powder.  She says they use their body butter on their daughter Sage (of course we love her name!) and it works great because it is intensely hydrating and arrowroot does not the promote the growth of yeast (i.e. diaper rash).

4). The price - considering all points above or not, this price is unbelievably reasonable. If you only buy one, you'll wish you got two.

What's next for Moksa Organics?  They'll be launching a baby line within the next few months so stay tuned! 

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Disclosure: Moksa Organics sent us the products mentioned in this post for the the purpose of a honest and candid review. We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair.  To read more about our review criteria, click here

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