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Dear Fig+Sage :: Do You Have Any Organic Eye Makeup Remover Suggestions??

Q: Hi! Do you have a suggestion for an organic eye make up remover? I've been using body shop's chamomile eye make up remover for at least 10 years now but I'd like to get something more effective and hopefully organic.


A: Hi Lauren! Yes, I do!  For the most part, eye makeup removers are just a marketing ploy to make consumers spend more money on yet another product. But you don't need to!  When it comes to what we use on and around our eyes it should be gentle with absolutely no irritants.  You don't have to look any further than your kitchen - olive oil or coconut oil works great!  Or you may want to buy a 4 ounce bottle of organic sweet almond oil or organic jojoba oil and keep it in your bathroom and use as both an eye makeup remover and body oil!  Just add 1-2 drops to a warm, damp washcloth and remove eye makeup with it - this totally works!  Gotta love multi-purpose products!  A 4 oz bottle will last you all year if you use it on your eyes only.  Even a very gentle facial moisturizer on a damp washcloth will take off eye makeup.  Hope this helps and saved you some money in the process!! 

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