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Review :: BECAUSE Skin Care For The Body And $114 Giveaway!!

Two feet of snow dumped on the East Coast earlier this week and a couple weeks ago I had the very same amount descend here on the Third Coast.  Like me, BECAUSE is from California, but Founder Diane Ginzel seems to have a keen sense of the effect winter conditions can have on skin (even though Southern California doesn't really have real winters - I know, I lived there for 10 years) because it is one of the lines that I'm reaching for right now since we've been maintaining temps in the teens and twenties this past month.

The good news is that no matter where you live or what your skin type is, BECAUSE likely has something for your skin type.  And of course I love that they don't use any ingredient on our ingredients to avoid list - which includes petrochems, parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes, synthetics fragrances, silicones....the list goes on and on.  Instead of castille soap, the base of the BECAUSE cleansers is coco-glucoside which is derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar, it's a mild foaming ingredient that is plant-based and non-toxic.  And every BECAUSE products contains a minimum of 70% organic content and all the aromas are very, very mild so if you're sensitive to fragrance, even some natural fragrance like I am, this is a line that you want to check out because the aromas won't accost you like many others do.    

I've been using the entire BECAUSE Body Care line on and off for the last six months; here is my experience:

Purifying Body Cleanser 6.8 oz: Buh-bye bacne!  This is perfect for me in the hot humid months and would be great for anyone with oily skin or breakouts.  I've always struggled with bacne but it particularly flairs up in the summer, exactly when I don't want it to - since that's when I'm showing more skin; or when I'm not eating so great (this makes a BIG difference). If you also struggle with bacne (acne on your back) you know that it's embarrassing, unattractive and annoying.  Well, this very mild-smelling (light citrus) body wash totally cleared mine up in the middle of summer. It contains grapefruit and bergamot which has antiseptic and microbial properties.  My full size bottle lasted me about three months.  I only needed a very small amount and I recommend using it with a washcloth or loofah sponge. 

Hydrating Body Cleanser 6.8 oz: Everything is coming up roses!  When summer came to an end and Fall began to remove moisture from this Midwest air, I began using this body wash and it is my favorite aroma of the BECAUSE Body Washes.  It is lightly scented with entirely feminine, wild-harvested rose damask essential oil and does not make my skin feel stripped of moisture as many liquid body washes can do.  Dry skin sufferers will want to try this! 

Replenishing Body Cleanser 6.8 oz: This is the one product out of the line that I'm sort of indifferent to.  It is for normal and sensitive skin, which makes it a good option for those individuals whose skin falls into that category, since the other two are for skin types on opposite ends of the spectrum. If you avoid any fragrance due to sensitivity, whether natural or artificial, and you're on the hunt for a body wash that is strictly for function, you may want to opt for this wash instead of the others.  My skin seems to be on one end of the spectrum or the other and I liked the aromas of the other two better. The smell is not bad it just barely there which may be a relief for some of you.

"I am very sensitive to fragrances. I cannot tolerate synthetic perfumes (they give me a headache) and even some natural aromas are too strong for me. I wanted our line to be subtle in scent so that our products do not offend individuals that are sensitive to fragrance and also do not interfere with a favorite/signature scent." - Diane Ginzel, BECAUSE Skin Care Founder

Multi-Tasking Hand & Body Lotion 5.1 oz: As far as lotion goes in the non-toxic and/or natural scene, it's reeeaal difficult to find a body lotion that performs just like your old faithful does.  You know the kind - the smooth, creamy, sinks-right-in variety that isn't sticky or tacky to the touch, that makes your skin feel silky right after applying it?  Well, this is it!  This lotion is perfect for using on your legs.  It leaves behind soft skin and a matte appearance. The aroma is also very mild and smells fresh, not powdery, perfumey or fruity.  Just fresh.  Awesome product, highly recommended!

Daily Relief Cream 3.4 oz: All of you who are suffering with persistently dry and/or seasonally dry can't-get-enough-moisture-on-my-body winter skin - listen up! I'm with you on this. I've been there. I've felt your pain, and the cracking, and the peeling, and the I-want-to-bathe-in-nothing-but-lotion pleas for help..  This is the more high-powered version of the Multi-Tasking Hand & Body Lotion and it's a smaller bottle than the lotion.  It's more thick.  More creamy. More therapy. More skin rescue!  The aroma is also mild, just a tiny bit more herbal or woodsy than the lotion, though neither will interfere with your (organic) perfume should you wear it. 

Moisture Retaining Hand & Body Scrub 8 oz: Rutti tutti fresh & fruity!  If you fit into the dry skin category, you also want to get your mitts on this pot o' raspberry smelling scrub.  It actually smells like something you could find at BB&W with the volume turned down a bit in the olfactory department.  (BB&W stuff gives me a whopping headache & nausea, but this doesn't).  I know many of you miss the fruity scents since going au naturale but you'll get it in this little tub and in the process your parched body won't feel like it's been in the desert.  This product contains the highest organic content of all the BECAUSE products at 98.5% organic content and they plan to pursue USDA Organic certification for this product (the only product from the line that is eligible because it contains over 95% certified organic content).  This leaves behind a lotion-like feel to skin which is a welcome feeling when you feel as though your skin is made of clay and might crack at any moment.

BECAUSE we know your time is precious, you find the goods here: and

BECAUSE we know you love a deal: Get 10% off your order at when you use coupon code FIGSAGE.

Time For Another Giveaway BECAUSE We Love Our Readers!!!

Giveaway Details:

* PRIZE: 1 Hydrating Body Cleanser OR 1 Purifying Body Cleanser (winner's choice), 1 Multi-Tasking Hand & Body Lotion & 1 Daily Relief Cream. ($114 value, full sizes)!


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* PRIZE SHIPS: From to U.S. addresses only.

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Many congrats!!  Please email us at hello(at)figandsage(dot)com :)

Disclosure: BECAUSE Skin Care is one of our sponsors this month, but we've loved their goods (since June) long before they became a sponsor.  We only write about products we feel are worthy of a review and our standards are very high.  To check out our strict criteria, click here.  To inquire about sponsorship, holla after you read this

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