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Fresh Find :: Becky's Blissful Bakery In Wisconsin Makes 100% Organic Sweet Treats To Order

Just across the Lake there is a small bakery where owner Rebecca Scarberry is elbow deep in a batch of caramels made from entirely organic ingredients.  She stirs each batch by hand for one hour. One hour! Can you believe that?!  After a job layoff and divorce, Rebecca decided to take her love of baking and affection for sweet treats to the next level and made it her full time profession earlier this year.

Becky's Blissful Bakery is currently a one-woman operation located in the back of a former cafe.  She makes 6 different types of caramels, the most recent a pretzel and beer variety made with Newman's Own Organic pretzels and Lakefront Brewery's USDA Organic Certified Beer.  

If you're searching for affordable and edible gifts this holiday season (i.e. hostess, teachers, colleagues, clients), why not support a small, woman-owned business that supports organics?!  

Organic caramel sauce $7.99, organic caramels $8.99-$9.99.


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Watch: Rebecca Scarberry talk about her new beer & pretzel caramels...

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