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Announcing The 2010 Fig+Sage Best In Natural Beauty Awards: Skin Care Winners!

We've already announced our Makeup Award Winners but we're back to announce the best of the best in natural skincare!!  Many of you have written in and told us it's not the easiest task to sift through three years worth of our reviews and would love it if we'd just make a list of our skin care faves so you could pick through them.  So here you have it!  Your wish come true. Our favorite brands and our favorite products. Right here. Right now. We've tried each and every product that's on this list, but we know all skin types and budgets are different so we've given you several options to choose from which we hope you find helpful.  Keep in mind that if we awarded the entire brand in a category, we pretty much love everything they have to offer. 

So without further ado here is the crème de la crème...

B E S T  I N  N A T U R A L  B E A U T Y: Skin Care Winners  

Best All-Around Line: Can't beat the purity and effectiveness 

Intelligent Nutrients
Dr. Alkaitis

Best Luxury Line: You'll feel like you just left the spa 

Tata Harper  
In Fiore  

Best Holistic Line: Under-the-radar but should be on yours  

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Best Budget-Friendly Line: Quality products that won't break the bank

Blissoma Solutions 
Acure Organics
Zum Face 

Best Facial Cleansers For Normal To Oily Skin:    

Acure Organics Facial Cleansing Gel $15 
Bubble & Bee Cool Cucumber Facial Cleanser $15
Santaverde Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel $47  

Best Facial Cleansers For Dry Skin:    

Marie Veronique Gentle Cleanser $30 (normal to dry/sensitive) 
Galen Labs XII Element Cleansing Milk $32   
Santaverde Aloe Vera Cleansing Emulsion $47  
InFiore Treate Gentle Cleaning Base $55  

(including all the Anti-Aging Cleansers below) 

Best Facial Cleansers For Anti-Aging: 

Primavera Moisturizing Cream Cleanser $18
Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Cleanser $45 
Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser $50  

Best Cleansers for Problem Skin:   
(both great for all skin types) 

Blissoma Mild Rice Cleanser $20
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser $50 

Best Facial Oils for Normal Skin Types:   

Skin & Bones Skin Therapy $15 (all skin types)  
Trilogy Rosehip Seed Oil $24 (normal to dry/damaged) 
Annmarie Gianni Herbal Facial Oil For Normal/Combo Skin $35  

Best Facial Oils for Oily/Acne Skin Types: 

Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil $43
InFiore PUR Face Oil Concentre $58 
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil $60 

Best Facial Oil for Eczema/Psoriasis: 

100% Organic Argan Oil: Amal Oils, 2 oz ($35) & Kahina Giving Beauty, 1 oz ($36) 

Best Facial Oils For Dry/Aging Skin:   

Annmarie Gianni Anti-Aging Facial Oil $50 

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum $60 
Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Facial Oil $70   

Best Facial Moisturizers For Normal Skin Types:

Blissoma Solutions Awake Morning Facial Moisturizer $18
Acure Organics Day Cream $19 
Simply Divine Botanicals Amazing Face Rejuvenating Moisturizer $40 (normal to dry)
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Cream $50 

Best Facial Moisturizers For Oily/Acne Skin:

Logona Clear Skin Fluid $16
Blissoma Solutions A+ Moisture Serum $18 
Bee Yummy Skin Food $47 
Amala Purifying Moisturizer $68 

Best Facial Moisturizer for Dry Skin:

Sprout Wellness All-Over Cream $18 
Galen Labs Wildcrafted Shea Cream $32 
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream $43 
InFiore Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence $75
InFiore Creme De Fleur $150 
(Including all the Anti-Aging moisturizers below) 

Best Moisturizer For Anti-Aging: 

Primavera Moisturizing Replenishing Cream $42 
Intelligent Nutrients USDA Certified Organic Facial Moisture $50  

Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer $100

Best Anti-Aging Product: 

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum $150

Best Eye Cream/Gel:   

Keys Eye Butter Eye Cream $20
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Cream $49  

In Fiore Vis Clair Firming Eye Complex $68  
Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream $90 

Best Facial Mask For All Skin Types:

Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea With Acai & Goji Berry Mask $40 

Best Facial Mask For Oily/Acne Skin: 

Golden Path Alchemy Silk Mask $22 (vegan option also available)
Golden Path Alchemy Purify Cleanser $22  (spot treatment)
Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask $45 

Best Facial Mask For Dry/Aging Skin:

Talulah Wildflower Vitamin Honey Mask $30
Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask $116 

Best Facial Scrub:

Zum Face Lemongrass Sugar Facial Scrub $12

Have you tried any of these?  Do you agree or disagree?  Chat it up in the comments!

Next Up....Natural Body Care Awards!!!

A word about toners/hydrosols: You may have noticed that we haven't included a single toner or hydrosol in this lengthy list.  We did that on purpose and for very good reason: you should use the toner that is offered by the same company who makes your cleanser - simple as that.  Cleansers and toners are created to work together so we're not about to recommend a long list of toners by themselves, that just wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.  Pick a cleanser then use that brand's toner and your face will be happy.  

Note: We're linking to our reviews of these products above so you can learn more about them, but if we link directly to the manufacturer that's because we haven't yet published our review and if we're linking to a retailer, that's because that's the only place (that we know of) that you can find the product in the U.S. and/or they're the one who sent us the product to try.

Disclosure: The products included above were sent to us for the the purpose of honest and candid reviews. We really and truly love the products and we're not coaxed, suggested or urged to include them in these awards. This reflects our own personal opinions.  We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair.  To read more about our review criteria, click here.

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