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Review :: Zuii Organic USDA Certified Organic Makeup + Watch Them On The Today Show Tomorrow Morning!


Important Update {8/18/11}: According to a recent report released by the USDA...

“the products produced by Zuii Organic were erroneously certified as ‘organic’ by TOFC (The Organic Food Chain) because the products contain prohibited ingredients and do not contain enough organic ingredients to qualify for the ‘organic’ designation, which requires the products to contain 95% or more organic ingredients by weight.”

To read more, click here.

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A few weeks back Zuii Organic makeup made our Best In Natural Beauty Awards and I'm sure you're curious to know why.  In 2008, Zuii Organic launched in Australia after 6 years of R&D, though only recently made it's debut in the U.S.  News of the line first hit my radar this past summer but it wasn't until a few months ago that I was able to try the line when Emelyn Rodriguez, Founder of BellaFloria sent me some of the products to try before they launched the line.  As far as I know, BellaFloria is the only online retailer to carry the brand in the U.S. 

Right off the bat I was impressed to learn that Zuii Organic has achieved what the majority of cosmetic companies cannot or have not: USDA Organic Certification (this statement is not accurate, click here for my update/retraction) and certification from Organic Food Chain (Australia's organic certification body).  The reason for this is that cosmetics achieve their color primarily from mineral pigments and minerals aren't classified as a food ingredient (minerals aren't grown), which is what the USDA certifies (food products, technically - with additional allowances for cosmetic products). What makes Zuii Organic different is their use of floral ingredients such as crushed organic rose petals and organic jasmine & chamomile flowers combined with other fabulous botanicals such as aloe vera powder, jojoba oil & organic herbal extracts; which make up the majority of their products while mineral pigments are used at 5% or less.  95% of their products contain plant ingredients, which is the USDA requirement for certified organic products.  (Click here to learn about USDA organic certification in plain English).  If you know of another USDA Certified Organic makeup brand, please share - because I haven't run across another one yet. 

I'm pretty impressed that they post their certifications right on their website for all to see, on their About page.  But cert aside, Zuii Organic makeup feels and looks lovely on the skin - at least the products I tried which included:

Certified Organic Flora Blush

Though the price may seem a little steep at first, let me tell you that this blush is densely pigmented; and by that I mean I use only the smallest amount on my blush brush to achieve great color.  In fact, the first time I used it I got a little excited and began to swirl my kabuki brush round and round to ensure I was getting enough of it on my brush.  Result: I looked sunburned after application.  So next time, I was very careful to try to get the least amount on my brush and when I say a little goes a long way - it's no lie, it really does.  You'll have this product for months and months.  My guess is six plus months.  And here's a tip, to give the illusion that I actually have color in my face, I use this sort of as a bronzer and swirl all over my entire face and neck and go back over my cheeks for a little extra flush.  I'm using the color Grapefruit and it's totally perfect for me.  

Certified Organic Flora Eyeshadow

I was sent Fudge, a wonderful milk chocolate brown color.  It provides great color and long-lasting coverage, it's also very concentrated much like the blush so you'll have this little pot o' pressed powder for quite a long time I'm sure.  To my delight it isn't glittery nor matte. I would describe it as a luminescent sheen.  The finish is just right.

Certified Organic Mascara

This is a good mascara, thanks in part to the wide brush; though I have to be careful not to touch my eyes when I wear it because it will smudge if I do that.  I like that I can layer this meaning I can apply one coat, let it dry and apply another coat for extra volume.  I've got to be careful not to use creamy products around my eyes when I wear it because that will also increase the smudge factor.  Setting it with a powder & giving it a chance to dry should help with that. 
Certified Organic Liquid Foundation

I tried this in the lightest shade, Natural Fair (because I'm quite pale), but as it turned out it was too light for me and I looked quite ghostly so it wasn't really a good test.  I recommend ordering samples of this before you pick your perfect color.

Find: Zuii Organic's website

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Watch: Zuii Organic will be featured on the Today Show tomorrow morning, November 18th!

Save: Use coupon code FIGSAGE and get 15% off your entire order at

Deal: For a limited time, purchase $85 of Zuii Organic makeup at BellaFloria and get the Zuii makeup 5-brush set for FREE (a $60 value)!  Note: coupon codes or other promos cannot be used with this offer.  

Have you found an organic or natural makeup line that you love??  What would you like to try from Zuii Organic?

Disclosure: sent us the products mentioned above for the purpose of an honest and candid review. We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair. To read more about our review criteria, click here.

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