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Fresh Find :: Standard Magazine - "Where Green Isn't A Style, It's A Standard"


Have you checked out Standard Magazine?!  It launched less than two months ago and I love Interior Designer, Kelly LaPlante's concept for it - she's not calling anything in it "green" although it is.  If it's in the mag, assume it is. 

"The idea for Standard came, quite naturally, from the mantra I have been repeating for years: “green is a standard, not a style.” After more than a decade of pushing my industry toward sustainability I’ve decided that the time has come to really treat green like a standard—and that means not making a big deal about it anymore.

So that is what we are going to do at Standard. We will only ever feature sustainable products and design but we will not be giving out brownie points (or even mentioning) things that should just be status quo. You won’t see the words “recycled content” or “FSC Certified” but you can be assured that we are presenting you with the cream of the eco-crop on every page of every issue. That is just our Standard."

Flip through the virtual pages here

Have you seen it?  Isn't it fabulous?!? 

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