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Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil Multi-Purpose Moisturizer + How To Get Naturally Wavy Hair With It

Argan oil is one of my must-have products to have on hand during cold winters because it's ultra-hydrating, it's only one ingredient and can be used on face, body and hair.  Amal Oils is a 100% certified organic product (they sent me a copy of their supplier's Ecocert organic cert) that smells sort of like hazelnut coffee.  Each purchase supports Berber women who work in the Argan Oil Cooperatives in Morrocco where the oil is made.  

My hair is naturally wavy and it takes me around 20-25 minutes to flat iron it (I have a lot of thick hair).  I know it's probably one of those grass is always greener situations but I just can't seem to fully embrace my waves.  My sister has been telling me for a while now to just embrace them, stop fighting them.  She's embraced hers and they look good on her.  It wasn't until I watched this YouTube video from Amal Oils that I actually decided to try to enhance my waves and rock a curly look.  Watch Amal Oils founder, Jalila Bouchareb as she achieves natural waves with one single ingredient: argan oil - a trick she learned from a Vidal Sassoon stylist in Chicago:

 I have to admit I was a tad skeptical.  But I followed her directions exactly and this totally worked!  Not only did it moisturize my locks but it did indeed make them curly and they stayed throughout the day.  And a friend said right away when I saw her later the same day I tried this "Did you have your hair done? It looks great!".  It's fascinating to me that an oil with just one ingredient can make my hair do that.

I highly recommend Amal Oils.  Whether you have sensitive, dry, aging, normal, combo or troubled (i.e. eczema) skin, argan oil is for all types and their 2 ounce bottle will last quite some time (if you use it only for your face, it should last at least 4-5 months). 

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Disclosure: Amal Oils sent us the product mentioned above for the purpose of an honest and candid review. We don't write about everything that we're sent, only those we feel are worth writing about.  We're honest and we're fair. To read more about our review criteria, click here.

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