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Review :: Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

As you may have noticed yesterday, one of Vapour's newest products ranks high up on my favorites list - high enough to grant it a Best in Natural Beauty Award.  This liquid foundation is unlike any other I've tried before, in a good way.  If it's possible for a liquid to feel like silk, this product does.  If you like a semi-sheer, hydrated look and steer clear of the dry makeup mask look - this foundation is for you.  And if you live in a climate where winter is going to suck the life out of your skin, this product is for you as it's entirely hydrating thanks for the miracle that is camellia seed oil (the base of this product).

My mom, who is in her mid-fifties has been staying with me for the past week and she wanted to try all my skincare stuff while here (or at least my favorites).  It was fun to have her here and we did our makeup together every morning, but on the first morning I grabbed the powdery jar of B.E. mineral foundation out of her makeup bag and said "It's time to stop using this.  It's making you look older than you are".  To which she replied, "I know, what should I use then?".  I handed her my bottle of Vapour Organic Beauty Soft Focus Foundation and didn't say a thing.  As soon as she put it on she said "I LOVE this! It feels so nice on my skin. I felt so dried out with the other stuff.  Where can I buy it?" to which I added "dry and more wrinkly than you really are".   Before she left, she wrote down her credit card info for me and asked if I would order it for her and have it shipped to her house so it would be there when she got home.

The smell of this is wonderful - a mild apple aroma.  The texture is, like I said before - silky.  Coverage is medium and non-mask like.  Skin looks healthy and hydrated.  It's a great base for bronzer and blush and my skin is smooth even when I'm not wearing makeup because this moisturizes and improves skin's texture. 

I highly recommend this.  If you want to sample it for yourself, the only online beauty retailer I know that carries it right now is Spirit Beauty Lounge (where I'll be buying it for my Mom - use coupon code FSF2010 for free shipping today only).  You can also purchase via the Vapour Organic Beauty website (but they don't offer samples). Use our exclusive coupon code fallfig and get 15% off your order at Vapour's website for just two more days (expires 10/31/10)!  NOTE: This code applies to the Soft Focus Collection, Clarity, and Elixir Lip Plumping Glosses only

When you do try it out (or if you have already), let me know what you think!!

Disclosure: Vapour Organic Beauty sent me the product mentioned above at no cost for the purpose of a honest and candid review.  To read about our product review criteria, click here

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