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LOVING :: Naya Eco-Friendly Leather Shoes For Fall + Review!

Have you heard of Naya shoes??  I hadn't until just a few weeks ago, but I'm glad I did!  I love shoes, but I know the great majority are made using highly toxic processes and materials so when I come across a brand whose approach is different I tend to take notice, especially if their shoes are cute and comfortable!

Leather is a natural, biodegradable by-product afterall, while many vegan shoe options are made with plastics (i.e. vinyl, pleather, PVC, polyurethane) that isn't at all eco-friendly (some say it can take 500 years for petroleum products such as vinyl to biodegrade).  The majority of leather in the U.S. is chrome-tanned, which is highly toxic to the people who work in leather treatment facilities but can also be harmful to those whose skin is frequently exposed to it.  Leather Naya uses is vegetable-tanned/treated (i.e. tree barks, vegetable inks) as opposed chrome-treated; they use sustainable bamboo for their heels, biodegradable latex foam cushioning, natural cork and rubber footbeds, outsoles made with recycled materials, their buckles are nickel-free, the glue & cements they use is water soluable and their shoe boxes are made with recycled paper. 

I received Briar (pictured above), a vintage-inspired Mary Jane that is a really gorgeous shoe, more beautiful in person than in pics.  It is a well-made, lovely feminine shoe that looks great with jeans or a skirt. I really, really love the look of this shoe, the great attention to detail and quality craftsmenship. I had an issue with the toebox being a bit too snug (I broke my right baby toe when I was 5 and it has been bigger than my other baby toe since) and the scallop on the side of the shoe dug into my the bottom of my ankle bone, but I think that could be because I badly sprained my ankle a few months back and one of my ankles hasn't been the same size since.  These are very cute shoes, so if you like them I would recommend you go into a store that carries them to try them on or order from since they have an awesome return policy. 

Naya's Origami Rose collection is sophisticated & tailored. I'll take one of each.   

Lovely Fall colors and vintage look in the Tailored Temptation Collection.
I love that they have rugged-yet-feminine options as well with their Super Soft Suedes Collection
Perfect for Fall.

Naya's Ana shoe is a stylish peep-toe bootie that's unexpectedly and entirely comfortable. The moment they arrived, I slipped them on and didn't take them off all day.  The inside of this shoe is like butta. I had to catch a plane the next day and because they are so easy to slip on and off, I wore them to the airport since I always wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off through security lines.  I wear these with jeans, but I imagine they would look good with a skirt too.

Full Disclosure:  As indicated in my post above, Naya sent me two pairs of shoes to try for the purpose of a potential review.  They gifted me with a free pair.  This in no way altered my opinion of the shoe and my review is my own honest assessment of them.  If I didn't like them, I wouldn't write and rave about them. 

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