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LOVING :: MOO Green Business Cards, Mini Cards, Greeting Cards, Postcards And More!!

Oh MOO, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

1. 100% post consumer recycled paper.
2. Wind-powered paper factory.
3. Smooth and thick cardstock.
4. Every card can have a different photo.
5. Love the recycled box your Mini moo cards come in that says "Open Them. Quick!", I really do
6. You know what a paper lover who values first impressions wants and needs.  You really do
7. You're hip.
8. You're cheeky.
9. You're affordable.
10. You're Green-E certified!

Whilst searching for a company to make business cards for my husband's new business, I stumbled upon  We ordered the Mini MOO cards to try them out and it was love at first sight, and then feel.  If you have a business, you've got to check out MOO.  And if you don't - check them out anyway because this may just be where you'll be ordering your Christmas postcards from as soon as you check out their site. And I know some of you will make up a fake business just to order some cards because they are that cool. 

Some cool ways to use MOO:
+ Business cards (it's true what they say, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression")
+ Coupon cards (print a unique coupon on each card)
+ Photographers can show off their work (print a different photo on each card)
+ Interior Designers can show off their porfolio (check out ColourLovers)
+ Food bloggers (show off a different dish on every card)
+ Postcards (grand opening, art opening, sale or holiday cards)
+ Mommy cards (put your info on the front & a photo of your kid on the back - so they can associate whose mommy you are)
+ Grandma/grandpa bragging cards (put a different photo on every card and carry a mini brag album wherever you go)
+ Nice cards (put something nice like "you look great today!", "you're the best!" or "you are loved!" on Mini Moo cards and put them in random spots for strangers to find like in the apples at the grocery store or on windshields. Who knows, someone might just pay it forward!). is available in the UK (where it started) and the US.  Go check them out...stat!! 

Follow MOO on Twitter or check out the MOO Flickr group here for more ideas and inspiration.  

Try out MOO for FREE!!  Order 10 customized business cards for free here

Psssst: I was not contacted, nudged or compensated by MOO in any way.  I stumbled onto, ordered some cards, was thoroughly impressed and wanted to share with you :)   

Photo credits: Moo Flickr Group and madysondesigns

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