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Adorable Find:: GOAT-MILK NYC 100% Organic Cotton Kidware

Image credit: [simplesong]
If you know me by now, you know I love the simple life when it comes to kids clothes. My favorite outfit for my kiddos when they were teeny-tiny was a simple, white onesie. Nothing allows the sweetness of a child to show through like their own face, so why distract from it with clever phrases and cartoons? I don't know.

Thanks to the folks who created the simply wonderful brand called Goat-Milk, we can get the same simplicity, quality and functionality (yes, a lot of "itys") that our friends over in Europe have access to here in the States. Roland and Tania, the founders of Goat-Milk, have taken children's underclothing to another level without complicating the process. There are no Buzz Lightyears to be found, but instead a darling pointelle or a cozy ribbed pattern. Thank heavens!

Now that Autumn is upon us, it's time to start thinking about layering and these are fantastic pieces to do that with. There are no synthetics here, just 100% soft organic goodness to put against that buttery smooth skin. Are you in love yet? I am. *

Find Goat-Milk website:

*Post-Edit: We were just informed by Goat-Milk that their lovely items will not be available for purchase until late January. You can check out their website above at that time and buy your heart out...but not until then. Hope your panties don't get in a bunch about this one. *wink*

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