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Wish List :: Tom's Shoes Calypso Canvas Wedge Featuring My Love/Hate Relationship With Tom's Classics

I've got to be honest (what a surprise, right?!).  I could never get into Tom's Shoes Classics.  It's not that I don't totally admire their One For One mission, I really do. It's that the look of the Classics just struck me as highly unflattering and I couldn't get over it enough to want a pair for myself, even if it was the cool thing to do.  (I would have rather bought a pair and have both of them given to children who need them, rather than keeping one for myself).

This all changed when I met my sister at the airport this past Spring during a layover lunch in baggage claim when we last saw each other.  She came walking up with none other than Tom's Classics on and to my surprise she actually looked super cute with them and let me try them on.  They were comfy and had a little arch support which was a nice surprise. I secretly decided I might have to change my hard heart toward Tom's Classics.  I might need a pair for casual days after all.  

Not long after this, Tom's launched their Wedge and it felt like they were finally speaking my language.  This past weekend, I had lunch with two girlfriends I've known since 3rd and 7th grade, at a lovely cafe in Newport Beach, CA called Haute Cakes Cafe.  We sat in the sunny courtyard chatting and chewing when I spotted the woman at the table next to us wearing black Tom's wedge heels (with the natural colored, not black, heel) with a summery skirt and they were incredibly stylish and flattering! 

So along with a Moop bag, I'm adding Tom's wedges in size nine to my birthday wish list!  Then, when I'm wearing my Wedges and my sister is wearing her Classics, we'll be the same height (6') and my younger sister will no longer be looking down at me :) 

Do you own a pair of Tom's??? 

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