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Review :: Vapour Organic Beauty Plumping Lip Gloss Is a BIG Improvement!

Am I really supposed to believe this will actually plump my lips?!  I think its more accurate to claim that wearing lip gloss makes one want to pucker up or pout the lips.  Despite that, this is one of the best natural lip gloss I've used to date.  In my previous Vapour Organic Beauty review post, the Elixir lip glosses were my least favorite of the bunch and instead of moisturizing my lips, they really dried them out which meant I was constantly re-applying like a Chapstick addict and it seemed to disappear from my lips within minutes.  I have a feeling Vapour caught wind of this customer feedback pretty quickly and formulated this Plumping Gloss that they can be proud of.  The packaging is a definite improvement as well.  One of my pet peeves about lip glosses are those cheap furry or foam applicators.  This one is neither.  Instead, the Lip Plumping tube is equipped with a nice soft brush that makes application pleasant.

Vapour Organic Beauty sent me Pout, a nice, versatile color that will probably go with anything.  In the tube it looks a bit orangey-tan, but after application it look like a sheer pinky-peachy color with just a hint of glitter (I would tell you if it were a lot as I'm so not a glitter girl).  Unlike its cousin (Elixir Lip Gloss), this Plumping Gloss stays on for hours and moisturizes my lips.

I highly recommend it and if you want to try it out for yourself Vapour Organic Beauty is offering 15% off to our readers only with coupon code fallfig until October 31, 2010.  NOTE: This code applies to the Soft Focus Collection, Clarity, and Elixir Lip Plumping Glosses only.

Buy: Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss $22, $18.70 with our coupon

Have you tried Vapour's Plumping Lip Gloss yet? 

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