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National Coffee Day :: Found! Great tasting USDA Certified Organic + Certified Fair Trade Coffee at Meijer

Coffee and I have a on-again/off-again relationship and though I'm no connoisseur, when we're in a on-again phase I have certain requirements - like it can't be too acidic or taste like pencils.  And I prefer mine organic.  It has to have good, rounded flavor and of course I love the smell of it brewing in the house on cold mornings.  If there's any season in particular that coffee seems most desirable to me, it is Fall and Winter.  

In honor of National Coffee Day today, I wanted to share an unexpected and budget-friendly find.  Surprisingly enough, in the aisles of my local Meijer I stumbled upon this USDA Certifed Organic and Fair Trade Arabica Coffee, which I had to try.  And I'm glad I did!  It tastes really great and it's only $6.49 for 10 ounces, which for a coffee that's both USDA Certified Organic AND Fair Trade Certified - that's a really good price!  I only wish they sold it online so all of you could try it too, because I know Meijer isn't all over the U.S. If you are near a Meijer, be sure to check it out!  My faves are French Roast and Breakfast Blend.

Find: Meijer Organics brand USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified Coffee 

What's your favorite organic coffee brand???

Note: Meijer has a whole line of packaged organic foods called Meijer Organics that is cheaper than brand names and good quality.  

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