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Kiss My Mutt :: Eco-Friendly Dog Beds + Accessories For The Style-Conscious

If you know me in real life, you know that my two dogs and one cat are like my children (because I don't have human children).  When any dog is in close proximity to me I have an overwhelming desire to meet it, talk sweet to it and pet it.  I have a definite soft spot for animals, likely due to my parent's love and care of them.  I remember my Dad was always bringing something home that needed to be rehabilitated.  When we were growing up it wasn't uncommon to have an injured owl (who whoo-ed a lot by the way) or abandoned-too-early baby bobcat (our cat didn't appreciate that) in our living room (in cages, of course), and one time my sister's pet snake (yes, she was weird like that) got out of his cage and slithered over my Mom's feet while she did dishes (I think I hid in my room, but heard the scream indicating he'd been found).  I also remember Dad bringing home a wild turkey that had been hit by a car.  So it's no surprise why I love animals so much, as if there needs to be a reason, just look at those sweet faces!

This past weekend I was glad to discover Kiss My Mutt, a California company that makes both indoor and outdoor dog beds with organic and eco-friendly fibers.  I love it when a fellow dog lover gets it and knows there's a big need for stylish dog beds.  Most aren't very attractive, much less stylish. And it was fun to find out that the dog (Lucy) of decor blogger sfgirlbybay, is one of their models.  Click here to read about her current Kiss My Mutt giveaway.

 Afternoon nap time in my office.  
{Lucy + Jack}




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