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HURRAW! Vegan, Organic Lip Balms In 16 Delicious Natural Flavors + Review

Last week I stumbled onto HURRAW! and when I read their About page where they offer to show their supplier's organic certs to anyone who asks, I had to know more. (Yes, of course I asked and received copies of all three of them - quickly & cheerfully).  You know I'm a fan of full-disclosure and when it is offered happily and without defensiveness, that's really refreshing (because it doesn't happen that way most of the time). The ingredients checked out, the balms are Certified Vegan and the packaging is fun, so I emailed and asked some questions like "how do you get colors like dark red, brown and green without using artificial colors?" and "how do you get flavors like root beer without using artificial flavor?".  I quickly received a reply from Corrie, one of the  owners, who explained it all much to my pleasant surprise and satisfaction:

"Green Tea = The green hue of the green tea comes from the cold pressed
hemp oil we use.  It is our only balm that contains hemp oil, we love
making it!

Chocolate, Rootbeer = The subtle tan hue of these balms (doesn't show up

on lips) comes from the hint of raw chocolate we add to the mix.

Coffee = Tan color is from the cold pressed raw coffee bean oil and a

tad-o-raw chocolate.

Cinnamon and Black Cherry = We infuse the oils with a root of a plant in

the borage family (it has pretty blue flowers but the root is red/black)
called Alkanet.  You can gauge the color based on how long you infuse the
oil and how much you infuse with.  For example, our Black Cherry is darker
because we let it infuse longer than our Cinnamon.  This plant has a long
history and has been used to color fabrics, oils, wines, varnishes, etc.

Pretty cool what nature gives us!"

Four days ago I received a nice little envelope with two muslin bag stuffed with 4 balms each (which according to the site, can be re-used as tea bags).  The first one I tried was Root Beer.  Yep, definitely tastes and smells like root beer!  Then, hours later I'm on to Licorice (I'm a big black licorice fan), then Grapefruit and on and on until today. Other flavors they sent: Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Lime, Vanilla Bean & Chai SpiceCinnamon, Vanilla & Chai Spice are great in this Fall weather!  They are all so tasty and what you would expect from a lip balm chocked full of artificial color and flavor, but they are the opposite.  At first the lip balm melted right onto my lips and I thought it was going to be one of those greasy lip balms that I can't handle.  You know the kind.  The ones that creeps outside your lip region.  Yeah, I'm not a fan of that.  But these aren't.  After a couple minutes the texture changes and it's very light, but the balm lasts on lips for quite a while.  Even when I tried to wipe it off just to see what would happen, balm remained and my lips weren't thirsty.  These aren't thick, heavy-coating balms, but provide a thin, moisturizing, non-shiny layer of protection. 

Another cool thing is the design of the tubes.  They're not your standard round balm tube, they're an oval shape so they fit nicely in a pant pocket.  

In addition to being Certified Vegan, HURRAW! has applied for the NSF/ANSI 305 "Contains Organic Ingredients" certification, which is a  relatively new (since last year) personal care certification in the U.S. and sisters with the European NaTrue Cosmetic Seal.  This standard certifies that a product contains over 70% organic ingredients, though HURRAW! says their balms actually contain about 96% organic ingredients and would qualify for USDA Organic Certification, but they choose not to apply for it until the USDA makes some changes. (Read more here, under 'Organic').

If you're already (dare I say it) thinking holiday shopping (or actually shopping), definitely put these on your list for cool, unique and affordable stocking stuffers.  There's a flavor for everyone on your list!

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