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Must Have After Sun Care :: Blissoma Solutions Amend Antioxidant Sprayable Lotion For UV Repair Review

Julie Longyear, Founder + Formulator of Blissoma Solutions sent me a bottle of Amend Antioxidant Sprayable Lotion for UV Repair a couple months back and I personally found it to be an amazing product for healing sunburns.  Weekend before last, my cousins were in town visiting and I took a day off of work to go to the beach with them, which was entirely relaxing - except when I noticed hours later that my shins (where I missed the sunscreen) were a bright shade of magenta.  OUCH!!  So I decided to use my pain and suffering as an experiment.  I used Amend on my left leg and another brand (a "healing" lotion for burns) on my right leg.  The spearmint was a welcome cooling feeling and the texture is so light that it was very easy to spread on my skin with any skin pulling (like there was with the other, since it was a thicker cream).

I didn't expect to see a really big difference at all but I was totally surprised when I studied both legs in the bathroom the next morning.  Not only was my right leg swollen (it hurt with every step when my muscles would contract) but it was warm to the touch and stung very badly. I immediately noticed that my left leg (the one with Amend on it) was substantially less red than the right (more pink than red), it was not swollen at all and did not have the same intense burning sensation or tiny red dots like the left (yes this was a severe sunburn).  I kept up my experiment for 5 days and my left leg healed much, much faster (less redness in the least amount of time and less burning sensation). 

Amend is a must-have for after sun care, whether to cool your skin after a day in the sun and heat or to heal a severe sunburn.  Take it from me, you're going to want to have this bottle on hand, and you definitely won't want to wait for your order to arrive after you've already been burned! It's the first thing you should grab once you realize you have a sunburn.  Or better yet, don't forget to apply SPF to any part of your exposed body while having fun in the sun.  Need suggestions?  Check out our recommendations here and here and here.

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