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Fresh Back-To-School Find :: Moop Handmade Organic Cotton Bags For Adults + Kids

Could it actually be possible I still don't have one of these handmade bags?!  It's almost as if I forgot about them after writing this post two years ago.  They're back on my radar and I think it has something to do with immediate family asking me what I want for my birthday, which ironically lands near Labor Day.  This Market bag made with organic cotton from moop just got added to my short wish list.  Isn't it perfect for Fall?  I love the red/orangey exterior and gray interior!

They make a cool organic book bag for kids too:

Moop has come along way since I spotted them on Etsy a couple years ago.  Now they have their very own shop and their popularity continues to grow.  

Buy: Moop Market Bag Was $113, Now $98

Read: Rave Reviews of Moop's Handmade bags on Etsy here

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